Porthos Sardines in Teriyaki Sauce 3/5


Big Portoguese ‘dines in the perfect sauce for rice, or even rice cakes. A little fresh scallion will knock the bite out of the park. Also pairs great with Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp.

125g tin (4.4 oz)

Pictured on wild rice with its own sauce and pickled carrots.

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Ingredients: sardines, teriyaki sauce (sugar, water, soya sauce (water, soya bean, wheat flour, salt), modified corn starch, acetic acid), and salt.


  1. fibersides (verified owner)

    This was the first time I saw Porthos in Teriyaki, and so I jumped right in. Porthos are an outstanding Portugese Pilchard, great quality fish in the tins. The Teriyaki flavor was no different. This tin took me right back to when I was living in Japan, and from time to time breakfast would include a fish, served cold, in teriyaki.

    The flavor was sweet, a little smoky, and just a hint of the fishiness of the sardine that reminded you of what you were eating. The sauce really soaked into the flesh of the fish.

    Overall, another fantastic offering from Porthos.

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Solid 4 star tin. Teriyaki sauce can be a tricky thing to get right but Porthos didn’t let me down. The sauce was very good and should appeal to almost everyone, but did get a little one-note by the end of the tin. I added some scallion and chili crisp to mine and it helped to wake things up a bit. For me, this will be an occasional buy to mix things up but probably not a regular item – I tend to eat at room temp from the can, and this begs for a little more than that. Warmed up over rice, I bet this could be a 5 star experience. If you’re the kind of person who regularly plans meals / side dishes to accompany your tins, then this could really be something special for you.

  3. kerensa (verified owner)

    The teriyaki sauce was delicious–not too sweet, nice and tangy. The fish were a little dry, but flavorful. I agree with other reviewers that it’s probably better warmed up.

  4. kholthaus1 (verified owner)

    I ate these out of the can on a piece of toasted crusty bread that I had made. these sardines don’t need much else. these sardines would be good accompanied by rice. I will be buying these again.

  5. twa101 (verified owner)

    This is my first dip into the Porthos waters, unless the Trader Joe’s rumors are true. I do like that Porthos puts their swashbuckling mascot on both sides of the tin. Virtually no fishy smells from these three swimmers, only smelled the teriyaki sauce. Some nice looking fish but there were scales if that bothers you. Really nice juicy texture, and the spines were so soft that I didn’t notice them while eating the first one whole. I did split one open and the spines come out easily if you are so inclined and there were some darker bits inside the fish. The flavor was absolutely delicious, even at room temperature right out of the tin. Like all of the cans with a sweet Asian flavor profile, this would probably be better heated up and served with five or shredded cabbage, but I would not hesitate to eat this one straight up again. I really liked this one and it is well worth the carbs. Another positive, this one is mild enough that it might be office friendly if you eat it at room temperature. Don’t know if heating it up would release the funk or not. Might have to give some of the other Porthos line a try.

  6. venealosille (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. The teriyaki sauce was a little sweet, a lot umami, and worked perfectly over rice and sautéed vegetables. The fish themselves were nicely sized, firm, and had a good texture. I definitely think it needs to warmed up for the best flavor.

  7. Kristine (verified owner)

    This was an enjoyable tin and something I will keep stocked in the pantry. Based on reviews here, I paired it up with some white rice and chili crisp. Before opening up the can, I warmed up the tin by running hot water from the sink to the can. Upon opening up the tin, I was greeted with 4 plump silver skin intact sardines coated in a dark bronze hued oil and teriyaki mixture. Could barely detect the fish smell and instead got a nice whiff of an oil/teriyaki scent. Personally, I think the fish has a bit too much teriyaki flavor to eat solo and straight from the tin… so eating this with something like rice or bread is a good way to mellow out the teriyaki flavor. Next time, I might warm these up in the skillet with some garlic so see if that adds a bit of depth in flavor and also to get some texture. Nom nom nom

  8. Devyn Scott (verified owner)

    I love love love Teriyaki, so I’m glad I bought a tin! These were really good, nice firm texture and really great flavor. I ate these in a rice bowl with kewpie mayo and togarashi seasoning, it was fantastic!

  9. rmm59 (verified owner)

    My favorite Porthos product thus far – truly unlike any of the others I’ve had. The sardines were beautifully packed in the teriyaki sauce, and I enjoyed these over rice. The umami of the sardines and the sweet yet tangy teriyaki sauce pack quite an exquisite punch. Very excited to purchase these again.


  10. Sarah (verified owner)

    I didn’t like these much straight out of the tin- very dry texture, the sauce sweet but without much other flavor to balance it- but then I took the suggestion above and mixed with some leftover brown rice, scallions, and crunchy garlic chili sauce that I had in my fridge- and wow- delicious! They are perfect for that combo. Making rice right now to have it for a lunch repeat, and may order again to see if the texture is consistently this dry or if it was an unusual tin.

  11. Sarah Voorhees (verified owner)

    My tin contained 4 intact sardines sitting in an almost opaque teriyaki sauce. No fishiness smell upon opening.

    Sauce was tasty although a bit on the sweeter side than I expected. Despite swimming in this liquidy sauce, I found the fish to be extremely firm and dry, I did not enjoy their texture. Although the flavor of the full sauce permeates the fish well, it does not compensate for the dryness. This will be a one time tin for me.

  12. Evan V (verified owner)

    These are amazing over some short/medium grain rice. I have a rice cooker going all the time so pouring this tin over some warm rice makes for a fantastic 30 second meal. Some scallions would make it an even better 90 second meal. The sauce is pretty sweet, so I will also put a little wasabi on the side to balance it out. I haven’t tried it with noodles yet, but it’s on my to do list

  13. SK (verified owner)

    I didn’t want to open this can because I really love the design and the mascot printed right on the can in bold color, but I was not let down when I did. I opened the can to see 4 large golden brown sardines in a yummy sweet teriyaki sauce that kept the fish incredibly moist and flavorful. I ate these over warm rice, but I did not warm the sardines themselves so they were quite chilly on top. The flavor and texture of the sardines probably would have been greatly enhanced with some heat and I will be trying that next time.

  14. Megan OBrien (verified owner)

    These were excellent! Sweet but not too much, tangy & perfect with a rice bowl. I warmed them up a little bit and had over rice, but I can see this being a nice snack with a cracker too.

  15. Eric Stell (verified owner)

    Oh these were delicious!

    The sardines were a bit on the firmer side but the taste was good without being fishy in the least. The teriyaki sauce was sweet and tangy and I could see having this with rice and veggies as a full meal. Definitely will be buying these again.

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