Porthos Smoked Salmon in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Lightly smoked salmon fillet in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Perfectly cooked, mildly flavored, this tin may redefine how you think about salmon.

105g (3.7oz) tin

In stock


Ingredients: Salmon (65%), extra virgin olive oil (34%), and salt.


  1. Daniel Fowler (verified owner)

    This was my first Porto’s product and first conservas of salmon. I was surprised at the color of the fish. I expected pink but it was similar to a tuna in color. The pieces were in perfect condition. The meat was really firm and dry, maybe because they are smoked. It needed a lot of the oil and some breaking apart with a fork to soften up. They had a nice flavor, very mild smokiness. The oil was quite light and somewhat thin, mild flavor. This was obviously a very high quality product, but maybe just not my taste. Perhaps it would have been better on a salad or with a sauce than straight out of the can. I will definitely check out other Porthos tins though.

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