Porthos Smoked Trout in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Lightly smoked trout fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Simple, elegant, lip-smackingly smokyfatty. Some tins require the use of new words.

105g (3.7oz) tin

In stock


Ingredients: Trout (65%), extra virgin olive oil (34%), and salt.


  1. ravg (verified owner)

    Probably my favorite example of smoked trout. The can had 2 large, intact, skin-on fillets. The smoke flavor is very mild and I would have preferred a bit stronger smoke. The fish is clearly very high quality, and the EVOO was tasty as well. I usually don’t use the left-over oil in cans, but this can was an exception. A side by side with trader joes variety smoked trout highlights the quality. Highly reccomended.

  2. Ben Gradel (verified owner)

    This tin holds 2 large hunks of fish, each with a full, single piece of skin. The skin is thicker that other species of fish and even when cooked in a pan, holds together enough to fork or chopstick up the skin without it breaking up and getting an entire bite of it by itself. Skin has a nice fatty taste and the fish itself holds together very well without being too firm although the flavor is quite mild. My favorite tin of trout is Jose Gourmet which has oodles of flavor both from the fish and oil, if that is a 10 I would rate this tin a 5. Here the oil doesn’t help the flavor though with the fish being so mild a strong flavor oil would overpower the fish.

  3. shs (verified owner)

    Two big lovely skin-on fillets with a nice flake—tender but not too soft with a very mild smokiness. Overall a beautiful subtle tin. The slight tang of Kewpie was a perfect pairing (also added black pepper and cornichon). If looking for a similar but more affordable tin, consider Cole’s; the Porthos portion is larger and seems slightly higher quality, but you will also pay for that difference.

  4. srh.jimenez (verified owner)

    Lovely presentation of two large fillets. The fillet remains intact when you lift it from the can–it doesn’t fall apart. But the texture when you bite in is very delicate, not too firm or chewy. It has a fresh, clean taste. To me the smokiness is very mild. I encountered some bones but they were very soft and broke up easily so I wasn’t worried. I found this trout needed to be dressed up a bit to eat instead of eating straight on crackers or rice. I added mayonnaise, horseradish, oil from the can, cayenne, salt, and pepper. I would have added lemon if I had some but it didn’t really need it. The result was delicious–I ate it very quickly on crackers.

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