PYSCIS Conserves Smoked Baltic Gold Sprats (2023)


Limited edition, gourmet tinned fish produced in Latvia to the PYSCIS specifications.

A hint of mustard seed, and a mellower, less chemically-induced-seeming, but no less fragrant bloom of the smoke sprat lovers love.

160g tin

In stock


Ingredients: smoked sprats (baltic sea) (Sprattus sprattus), rapeseed oil, salt, mustard seed flavour.


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Every bit as beautiful as Dan’s photo above, it’s a stunner. The texture, moisture, and smoke were all absolutely ideal, a soft-medium all the way through and not a single blemish to be found on any fillet. If you love Fangst sprats then you’ll love these, no doubt about it. The depth of flavor is very, very comparable to Fangst and it’s immediately apparent that you’re in high-end sprat territory.

    It’s a tin to be enjoyed as slowly as you can, considering the price … and also a tin that’s difficult to eat slowly because of how delicious it is. While I might not splurge a second time, the experience was worth the price to try at least once. If you’re a sprat lover who loves to try every smoky tin possible, you’ll truly enjoy marking this off your list.

  2. Fisheye (verified owner)

    This was a beautiful tin of fish. I’m learning that I prefer to have some acid to cut through the smoke of sprats, so I paired these with kimchi and it was delightful. The fish are tender but not mushy, and the smoke flavor is very prominent on its own. The kimchi tamed it a little and gave the sprats more complexity. For purists who love the smoke, you’ll enjoy eating these straight out of the tin.

  3. C. S. (verified owner)

    Absolutely my favorite tin I’ve had to date. Eaten on a bed of hot rice and drizzled with a blend of soy sauce and rice vinegar, topped with scallions, fresh bird’s eye chili slices and chili crisp. These are beautifully tender sprats, just firm enough to hold together when picked up with chopsticks, yet they melt in your mouth in a way remarkably fitting of their bite-sized form. The flavor is incredible: they have a bold, natural smokiness (subtly refined by the mustard seed flavor, no doubt) that serves wonderfully to elevate the mild, clean flavor of the fish. This is a pricy tin, and it tastes like it! Worth every penny. If I ever strike it rich, these will be a pantry staple.

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