Real Conservera Sardines in Olive Oil 3/4


The sardine ranked #1 on the Sardine list and #6 on the Overall list at  Of course, the only judge that matters is you.

120g tin

Pictured tempura fried with furikake seasoning, ginger mayo, and scallions.

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Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus), olive oil, salt


  1. Max D (verified owner)

    Wow, this is an incredibly delicious, almost creamy (and attractive-in-the-tun) sardine.

    I won’t buy it often because of the price (I’m just as happy eating the $6.50 Nuri tins), and I wanted to be skeptical of how good it would actually be (given the price and awards and my skepticism of “Top 10 lists”)… but I was impressed.

  2. Nari Kim (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this tin. Not too fishy and even my mom who’s not into sardines loved these! A little pricey but it’s good to splurge on once in a while!

  3. Aaron Cruz (verified owner)

    Plump and very delicious tin. Fish were soft to taste but incredibly sturdy. Loved every bit of it. I may give the nod to Angelo Parodi tins, but still very very good.

  4. Nicole Gehan (verified owner)

    I’ve been saving this tin for a special occasion so starting a new job seemed like the right time to this crack open (some celebrate with champagne… others with sardines).

    I was expecting something special, I and was not disappointed. These sardines are meaty, tender, and buttery. They have a mild fishy flavor that is perfect on their own and I think would hold up well in something like a pasta dish.

    Definitely more a splurge tin, but a worth it splurge.

  5. Dani Elle (verified owner)

    These are a treat for your taste buds. As soon as you pop open the tin, you get a whiff of fancy olive oil, setting the stage for some real-deal Spanish flavor. These little dines are packed with care, keeping them super tender. The olive oil they’re swimming in adds a nice touch too. If you’re up for a tasty adventure, give these a go – they won’t disappoint.

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