Real Conservera Spicy Hake Roe Medallions in Olive Oil


Cooked hake roe, cleaned and cut into medallions by hand, in olive oil with a chilli pepper.

Eat directly from the can or accompanied on toast with tomato, onion and bell pepper.

130g tin

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Ingredients: Hake roe (Merluccius merluccius), olive oil, salt, chili pepper.


  1. LA (verified owner)

    Ouch. Expensive experiment=expensive fail. We found these tasteless, whether warmed or at room temperature, with no hint of spiciness (1 teensy piri-piri in the can), & a weird, off-putting mouthfeel–like eating damp sand. Not exactly celebratory. I can’t think of anything that would improve them sufficiently to make them palatable. If anyone has actually enjoyed these, please explain how.

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