Rügen Fisch Herring Fillets in Mustard Sauce


Dan used to travel for business to Germany (Munich and Düsseldorf) on a regular basis and the things he misses the most are the beer (of course), one spectacular herring sandwich from a street vendor, and the vast array of thoroughly delicious and surprisingly inexpensive Rügen Fisch products available at every supermarket and bodega.

Probably our favorite fish+mustard product among all of our offerings.

200g (7.05 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Herring Fillets (Clupea harengus), water, mustard (water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, spices), canola oil, sugar, vinegar, salt, guar gum, rice starch, tomato paste, flavors, spice extracts.


  1. kholthaus1 (verified owner)

    I’ve never had Herring before and I do love mustard. I was pleasantly surprised by this tin of fish. The Herring filets did not fall apart when trying to remove them from the can. I had these filets on toast. some good eating. i would buy these again!

  2. kholthaus1 (verified owner)

    I give this 5 stars

  3. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Best mustard tin I’ve ever had by a HUGE margin, absolutely delicious. It’s a revelation. The herring holds onto the sauce nicely, it reads as at least 75% mustard (only has a little oil separation). Fish texture is solid, still flaky, slightly drier than the Rugen Fisch herring in brine/juice but not actually dry.

    If you’ve ever tried the rest (e.g. King Oscar, Brunswick, Beach Cliff) and been tremendously disappointed, you owe it to yourself to try this. It’s not just swimming in plain yellow mustard – this is a mild but complex mustard with a little bit of dijon tinge. It tastes like REAL mustard that you want to eat. And if you’ve tried adding mustard yourself to a moist/oily fish, you know it mostly wants to slide off. This mustard sauce overwhelmingly did *not* slide off and really held onto the fish.

    I’m ecstatic to rate this as a 4 out of 5 against all tinned fish, and that’s not just in the mustard category. Really. I can’t express how happy I am that it exists. Ate it room temp from the can (as I do) but next time? NEXT TIME? It’s going on a piece of toasted bread. With sliced raw onions. Maybe some arugula/spinach. I can’t wait to eat this over and over and over again.

    Buy. This. Tin.

  4. Greg L (verified owner)

    Warning: this review is a bit biased. I spent some time in my early 20s living in Germany. This tin might as well be an airplane, because it flew me right back. The mustard sauce is simply awesome. Much better than I would ever expect from a tin. This is a very German-style mustard sauce, so it’s going to be runny and not incredibly mustard-y. There’s some richness and acidity that makes for a really nicely balanced flavor. The tin was absolutely packed with sauce, more than I needed for the fish. I gratefully stashed the rest away (I used about half for the fish) in tupperware to eat with a couple hard-boiled eggs later. Oh… and the fish is great too! I usually have some King Oscar kipper snacks on hand, so they are the basis for comparison here. There were 4 filets in the tin. The herring was not super moist, but far more moist than the King Oscar kipper snacks. The texture was medium firm and the filets held together even with some handling. The flavor was mild, but enough to stand out against the sauce. I devoured these on some toast topped with raw onion. If this tin sounds even a little good, you should buy it.

  5. Suzanne Jackson (verified owner)

    As a household of herring fans, we loved this tin. While I didn’t find the mustard to be quite what I wanted sharpness-wise (I was hoping for a bit more of a kick), I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The herring itself is substantial, meaty, and holds together well. If you share a space with anyone who isn’t on the tinned fish train, they’ll also be pleased that this doesn’t have the distinct fishy smell of herring packed in water, like King Oscar. I guess the mustard sauce absorbs all that smelly goodness. Without a doubt we’ll be reordering! Might doctor it up with some lemon or an extra dollop of dijon next time around. Yum… can’t wait.

  6. Lauren Giunta (verified owner)

    Ate this herring with some of the mustard sauce spooned over crispy potatoes. Delicious!!! The fish is sweet and succulent, but holds together well in firm filets. The mustard, as stated by other reviewers, is mild but definitely discernable. I’ve been spoiled with mustard in my life and this was not my favorite mustard flavor… but not half bad! For the price?? Hell yeah!

  7. tarynmgawronski (verified owner)

    LOVED this tin. I usually go for saltier and more classic tins, but the mustard in this intrigued me and you can’t beat the price point. Herring is not a fish I’m super used to eating, but this shocked me with the quality of the fish and the taste. Herring also isn’t a super fishy/salty tasting fish and tends to be more mild, so I feel like the mustard sauce really elevates this whole tin. I was a bit worried the fish would get mushy in the sauce, but it held up very well and I feel like it absorbed the flavors of the sauce perfectly. Also, the size of this tin for the price is great! You get a substantial amount for sure. I ate some straight from the tin, but then made a sandwich with the rest (good toasted bread, the tinned fish, cracked black pepper and salt, arugula, purple onion, delicious!). Seeing other reviews, I definitely want to pair this with crispy potatoes now too for a German-inspired potato salad!

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