Rügen Fisch Smoked Kieler Sprats


Baltic sea sprats caught in the icy waters of Eckernförde, they bear the name Kieler, a city further south, because Kiel was the nearest railway hub.

Beginning in the mid-1800s, these smoked fish were carted for export by horse and buggy from Eckernförde to the Kiel station. The large shipping stamp on the crates led to a widespread, but incorrect, perception that the fish were produced in Kiel.

110g (3.88 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Sprats (Sprattus sprattus), canola oil, salt, beechwood smoke.


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    4.5+ stars. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL middle ground of smokiness, it has enough smoke to really notice but it’s dialed back from Riga Gold & Belveder (both of which I personally love). Very shimmery, beautiful fish with noticeable tails but ones that aren’t bristly in your mouth at all. And in stark contrast to the quite soft Riga Gold texture, these wide-but-skinny Rügen Fisch sprats have an absolutely perfect firmness with zero dryness. They didn’t fall apart on me a single time.

    The flavor is very clean, the oil is very clean, even the tin itself opened *really* cleanly. This is not like a Fangst tin that feels really heavy on your palate … it’s more like Riga Gold and Matiz had a beautiful sardine child together, a child for the people who want firmer fish + less smoke than Riga but also wish that Matiz fish were smaller + with more smoke. This combination is amazing.

    Easy, EASY rebuy. It’s the smoked sardine tin for when you want to notice smoke but don’t want to be bludgeoned by it. More smoke flavor than the usual lightly smoked tins, it’s high quality fish with a very low price.

  2. Greg L (verified owner)

    When you like a lot of tinned fish, it can become difficult to distinguish between “are these really good?” Vs “maybe I just like all of these”. But this tin, for both the price and quality, really sets itself apart. There are 2 things that really make me like this tin. First, the texture. I haven’t found a smaller fish that could strike a balance between being both firm and moist. These Rügen Fisch do it exceptionally well. You get the slight firmness of a smoked fish without sacrificing moisture. These sprats are pretty long compared to a few other sprats that I’ve tried. They are fairly thin as well, but hold up to handling due to their firmness. The second thing is the smoked flavor. Far better than any “lightly smoked” tin of fish that I’ve tried. And not overpowering where you get all smoke and no fish flavor. Again, this is just a really well-balanced tin. The flavor and firmness make me want to use these in a lot of applications. I tried about half the tin straight-up with chopsticks. The other half (as per the recommendation included with the tin) I ate atop a cracker spread with some herbed cheese. The smoke and sprat flavor can stand up to the cheese which makes for a REALLY tasty bite. Overall, these are hard to beat. I will probably keep these on hand next to my Matiz-in-oil stash.

  3. emosberger (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful tin of smoked sprats. As mentioned in the previous reviews the smokiness is perfectly balanced – enough is present to let you know that these are definitely smoked sprats but doesn’t go overboard and punch you in the face with it. Texture is spot-on also, firm enough to not worry about it falling apart at all still very moist. The tails were fairly tender, no pronounced bottlebrush effect, which was good because some of these sprats were the longest I recall having. Had several by themselves and placed the rest on some crunchy powerseed toast.
    I’ll definitely put several of these tins in my next order as they are a nice addition to a daily driver rotation at this quality/price point ratio.

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