Santa Catarina Tuna Fillets in Mediterranean Sauce


Santa Catarina is an example of sustainability. Only the purest fish is caught in the Azores archipelago in the heart of the Atlantic, using the pole & line method. Full traceability, from the small boat used in the fishery until the moment the tuna is canned. Social responsibility is a pillar for our local business. Hand caught, hand cut, hand packed, each tin contains four beautiful, uniform hand cut tuna fillets. The sauce is made from onion, garlic, sweet pepper, parsley, paprika, chili pepper, and vinegar.

4.2 oz (120g) tin

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Ingredients: Tuna (Skipjack, Katsuwonus pelamis), onion, garlic, sweet pepper, parsley, paprika, chili pepper, vinegar and salt.


  1. Curiouscutefish (verified owner)

    I really liked the packaging on this. The blue paper wrap has some interesting things to read on the inside and the newspaper looking underwrap was unique.

    The fish itself was good, firm without an unappetizing chew, and the flavor was mild. They were decent sized fillets, not huge, but a thick size. They were laid in the tin the short way and there were 4 of them. They looked very presentable and appealing.

    The only thing that was unexpected for me was the “sauce.” Given it was called a sauce on the label, I was expecting something thicker and more sauce like. What’s inside the tin was instead like flavored olive oil (I guess I didn’t read the ingredients close enough). It looked appealing and I could see the flavoring but it tasted very mild. It was nice over rice but was different than what I was expecting.

    For the price, the tuna was quality but I would have personally liked a more flavourful sauce. It wasn’t bad and I’m sure would be popular with others but for myself, I had different expectations for this tin due to not reading the ingredients closely enough.

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