Santa Catarina Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil and Azorean Pepper


Availability on the Santa Catarina tunas is spotty, as demand consistently outstrips production. When the latest shipment arrived, our supplier didn’t even ask, just said, “You want this, trust me.” We do, we did.

120g tin

Pictured with kewpie mayonnaise and cheddar guindilla bread.

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Ingredients: Tuna (skipjack, Katsuwonus pelamis), olive oil, Azorean red tanned pepper (contains sulphites), and salt


  1. Curiouscutefish (verified owner)

    This is the second time I’ve had this brand but the first time trying this flavor. Like the previous tin of this brand I had, the fish itself was good, and the flavor was mild (minus one bite, which was very very fishy). They were decent sized and thick, laid in the tin the short way and there were 4 of them. They looked very presentable and appealing.

    The tin was filled high with olive oil (be careful opening! I spilled a bit opening it) and at the bottom of the tin were some remnants of peppers. I put the whole tin over rice and it was so delicious! The olive oil tasted high quality, the peppers weren’t spicy and were mild but tasted delicious. I would have liked even more of them, they were that good! The overall flavor of everything was mild but the combination of it all was really good and I enjoyed it. I would definitely eat this again and it would be great as part of a larger recipe or with additional add-ins.

  2. twa101 (verified owner)

    Four little logs of skipjack in a pool of olive oil that were just firm enough to get out of the can in one piece. They almost looked like miniature pieces of pork tenderloin. It flaked apart nicely and was tender and fairly moist around the edges and I simply used the oil as a dipping sauce. The pepper flavor was very mild, more along the lines of a sweet paprika pepper. I could easily see sauteing some minced onions in the oil and making a nice tuna spread or pâté.

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