Santa Catarina Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil and Basil


We love basil, here, and every year we grow several different kinds, always looking for the best one. Great as a salad topper, the basil flavor permeates the flesh. Also gives that secret ingredient note to a shared lunch tuna salad you whip up on the quick.

120g tin

In stock


Ingredients: Tuna (skipjack, Katsuwonus pelamis), olive oil, basil, and salt


  1. Curiouscutefish (verified owner)

    I’ve had this brand a few times but the first time trying the basil. Like the times before, this tuna is delicious and I’ve enjoyed every flavor from this brand. There was four thick pieces of fish in the tin, filled generously with olive oil and basil. I made it into a sandwich and really enjoyed it. The fish flakes easily and isn’t dry at all. The basil is abundant and flavorful. Overall, it tastes high quality and I would definitely eat this again.

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