Santa Catarina Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil and Fennel


Not fennel fronds, not fennel pollen, but the fennel seeds give this skipjack a flavor that will make you wonder why every canned tuna doesn’t have their own version. As Jenny’s grandmother would say, “D. D.” We have no idea what it means, either, but we say it whenever we eat something scrumptious.

120g tin

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Ingredients: Tuna, olive oil, fennel seeds, and salt


  1. luke (verified owner)

    This was diablocally good. Made an epic salad with it using the fennel flavored oil as the base. This was stunning. Great tuna with a subtle herby kick.

  2. celia meredith (verified owner)

    Lovely tuna and gorgeous packaging, but I was disappointed by how subtle I found the fennel to be. I was hoping for more fennel flavor! The oil does make for a great salad dressing base, though.

  3. dolson.drew (verified owner)

    I’m always on a hunt for flavors, and I ordered this can because of the fennel. And fennel it delivers! It is, as an earlier reviewer fairly points out, subtle. I’d say in its defense, though, that fennel is almost always subtle, distinctive yes, but not a shouting ingredient like hot pepper or mint. With these excellent, mild tuna steaks–that’s what they look like there in the tin–the fennel seeds are just so surprising and, for me, welcome. Fully pleased I am, and I’d especially recommend this to all other flavor-completionists.

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