Sardinha Lightly Smoked Skinless and Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil


Very lightly smoked, to add just the hint of umami + that sardine salad sandwich needed to put it over the yummy edge.

120g (4.2 oz) tin

In stock


Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus): min 70%, Olive Oil: 29%, Natural smoke flavour: 0.3%, Salt.


  1. Daniel Fowler (verified owner)

    Everything about this tin was high quality. The first thing I noticed in this tin was the color and texture of the oil. It’s probably the nicest oil I’ve seen in a tin. It was dark and velvety, with great flavor. I dipped my bread in it. The fish firmly packed in four firm chunks. Very meaty. They came out of the tin in solid pieces, almost no bits remaining in the oil. The pieces resembled sardines that are not boneless and skinless, but they are definitely boneless and skinless. It’s impressive that the handlers can do this. Very rich sardine flavor. I did not really get any “smoky” flavor. The fish was good right on a toast with a pickle or pepper. Also very good mashed up with some of the oil on a cracker.

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