Sardinha Skinless and Boneless Sardines in Tomato Sauce with Olive Oil


We love these on toasted slices of everything bread. It’s like a pizza bagel only without the pizza and the bagel.

120g (4.2 oz) tin

In stock


Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus): min 70%, Olive Oil: 12%, Tomato: 10%, Salt.


  1. newsletteracct (verified owner)

    I needed a quick and light lunch so I grabbed this tin and a bag of potato chips. I absolutely loved the ease of breaking up the filets a bit in the tomato sauce and scooping it all up with chips. These taste great; I’ll definitely buy them again and try different preparations.

  2. Curiouscutefish (verified owner)

    I ate this over toast and it was good, made an easy add to my picnic lunch during lunch break. There was 3-4 fish in the tin (I can’t remember, I think it was 4) and a generous amount of tomato sauce. The tomato sauce is very simple, as the ingredients note it’s tomato, olive oil, and salt, which is quite basic but it was still enjoyable in the end. I am happy I tried this tin but I’m not sure I would buy it again. Nothing was wrong with it and I have no complaints, it just didn’t do enough for me to feel motivated to repurchase. If you like tomato and sardines, you’ll like this one.

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