Sardinha Small Sardines in Olive Oil


Hand caught and hand packed in the Portuguese tradition. Simple, classic, and in this case, smaller fish, if that’s your thing. Also sometimes called petingas, sardinillas, or sardinettes, depending on what kind of wine you’re drinking.

120g (4.2 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus): min 70%, Olive Oil: 29%, Salt.


  1. Evan V (verified owner)

    These are great little sardines, and a great value for what you get. And for what it’s worth, I really like the packaging/design. I typically prefer small sardines to “regular” (?), and having tried both from Sardinha, I found that to be the case here as well. These are a great can and I look forward to trying more from this line.

  2. venealosille (verified owner)

    These are going to be a staple for me. Little banged up upon opening the tin, but the small sardines were clean tasting, meaty, and tender. Absolutely perfect size for crackers. My tin had 14 little sardines inside.

  3. Nigel Behrens (verified owner)

    I enjoy smaller sardines and these are not a bad choice at all if you’re looking for some. Great packaging. Not the prettiest little fish but definitely nice enough quality. Good texture and not super fishy. Eaten out of the time on some Finnish rye crisps with Espinaler sauce. Yum.

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    While this might not have the tin appeal of a Ramon Peña or Espinaler baby deen, this tin is loaded with delicious fishy flavor. These little deens were delicious on their own but were next level on some rice with tamari and chili crisp. The olive oil was very flavorful as well, would definitely recommend this tin!

  5. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    VERY impressive tin, very. So much flavor, brilliantly seasoned, a clear standout. Agree with other reviewers that they aren’t the most beautiful sardines but what does that matter when they taste like this!? Flaky, moist, a little softer than medium texture. I absolutely loved these straight out of the tin at room temp and I could eat these every single day. This Sardinha tin is nearly matching the brilliance of Yurrita small sardines (maybe that deserves a head-to-head tasting!) and that’s a tremendous compliment. Worth the price. BUY THESE.

  6. marshallprather (verified owner)

    These were small and easy to use, texture was great, oil was very mild but has a slightly stronger fishy taste than some others. I would purchase these if you are looking for a smaller and unassuming sardine that is versatile and stands on its own.

  7. emosberger (verified owner)

    This was a very impressive tin of small sardines. Cracking open I counted 12 somewhat rustic looking fish that were firm enough to come out of the tin without falling apart. Medium-soft texture and no scales that I could detect. Oil was mild and the seasoning was spot-on. All-in-all this is a tin of small sardines worth trying out, especially at this price point compared to some of the premium brands out there.

  8. shellbargo (verified owner)

    A very delicious tin – one of my favorites from Sardinha! These little sardines have such a strong, distinct flavor. The texture was delicate and tender – they do fall apart easily, but I kind of liked that. The olive oil was also especially good.

  9. Dani Elle (verified owner)

    Oh goodness – these little guys are incredibly delicious. The flavor is clean and not overly fishy, as was the oil. The texture was firm, and moist, with a great flake to it.
    These are most definitely one of my top 5 deenz. Also, the packaging is absolutely darling. Cannot wait to order them again.

  10. HDNeal (verified owner)

    I was disappointed with this tin of sardines. The fish were nice and small, but they were packed roughly, resulting in lots of broken skin. Additionally, they were quite soft and fell apart easily. The flavor of the sardines was stronger than other small sardines, which some people may prefer. However, for me, they were a little too strong. While the price is good, I think there are better choices available.

  11. Irina (verified owner)

    These small sardines were really soft and buttery. Most of my fish were still whole in the tin, but they fell apart as you took them out. The flavors were classic, nothing particularly crazy, but really well executed.

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