Trata Smoked Herring Fillet in Soybean Oil


These are not lightly smoked, they’re more in line with the sort of heavy smoke of Latvian sprats. It’s a smoke that isn’t kidding about being smoky.

160g tin

In stock


Ingredients: Smoked herring fillet (Clupea harengus), soybean oil, salt.

May contain fish bones.

Gluten Free, Sugar Free


  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Another great (and affordable) tin from Trata! Super, super easy to eat and enjoy without the need to add any seasoning whatsoever. Very similar in quality & flavor to the also-great Rügen Fisch smoked herring in canola oil – I’d say this Trata herring was slightly firmer and a little leaner. Texturally a medium-soft-to-medium fillets that can be picked up fully/completely by chopsticks without breakage. Excellent flake, above-average moisture. Smoke levels were stunning and provided a huge amount of flavor depth.

    If you love smoked fish in general then you’ll just want to eat this straight from the tin (at room temp) like I did. Significant upgrade from any kipper snack and most other smoked herring in texture, moisture, and flavor. This Trata tin ranks right up there with Rügen Fisch and Fangst smoked herring, and that’s quite high praise.

  2. emosberger (verified owner)

    Best way to describe this tin is a Kipper Snack upgraded to First Class! Popping the lid I was presented with a wonderful smoked aroma. After draining the oil I was presented with a total of three fillets (two large, one small). They were firm enough to come out of the tin in one piece but moist enough to eat on their own without needing anything else. Traditional kippers can be on the dry side – not this tin! The smokiness is very pronounced but dialed back enough to not overwhelm the fish itself.
    If you are a fan of kipper snacks or just smoked herring in general you need to give this tin a try, it was spectacular for its price point.

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