Vilux Cornichons in Vinegar


We are nothing here if not eclectic. But the thing that binds together everything we offer is this simple question we ask before adding anything to our offerings: If nobody buys any of these, are we okay with being stuck eating them? We eat some form of pickled vegetable with practically every meal. And cornichons are among our favorite things. They go great with cheese boards, seacuterie boards, salads, or just for snacking. Imported from France, where they know a thing or two about food. These are mustard-forward in flavor, if you prefer the tarragon to be more present, try the Edmond Fallot Cornichons Extra-Fins.

350g jar

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Ingredients: Gherkins, water, vinegar, salt, calcium chloride, onion, black pepper, yellow mustard, coriander seeds, tarragon flavor.


  1. shs (verified owner)

    Well-balanced, with a little extra hit of mustard just like the description promised. I have to force myself not to snack on these solo or else I’ll go through through them too fast and not have anything left for my fish lunches. Eager to try the tarragon-forward jar next.

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