Zallo Bonito del Norte (White Tuna) in Olive Oil, glass jar


Every wonder why tuna in a glass jar versus tuna in a tin? I did, and so I asked. Everyone I could. And I got answer that varied pretty wildly but always hewed to a basic idea. No one articulated it as well as the people at Zallo, who wrote:

“The main difference between packing in glass or metal is the way the tuna has been cut. When it’s cut in loins, we pack the tuna in crystal jars. It is more visual for the customer as you can see the look of the product and even ‘taste’ the quality of it. The bad side of it, is that it’s much more delicate and it’s complicated for logistics to keep the product in perfect condition ‘til its delivery. And the product in cans is usually cut in slices (or used for crumbs). So the main difference between them too is the presentation and the way of consumption. Everything else is the same. Same fish, same procedure, same taste, same oil.”

And I can attest from extensive personal experience that these loin cuts have a different character than the slices. The tuna will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer because there are may factors in the process that affect overall experience, but in general my experience has been that tuna loins in glass jars are drier and closer to the texture of perfectly cooked chicken breast tender.

220g glass jar

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Ingredients: White Tuna (albacore (Thunnus alalunga)), oliva oil and salt.


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