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Espinaler Sauce (Salsa Espinaler)

It was in the 1950s, when Joan Tapias was at the forefront of the Espinaler company, when his wife, Ventureta Roldós, created a sauce to dress the Galician shellfish preserves that were served in the ‘Taberna’.

Ventureta, well-known in the village as a great lover of cuisine, gathered together the best ingredients to make Espinaler sauce: top-quality wine vinegar, black pepper, red pepper and a selection of spices that she never reveals.

The result: an unique sauce that some people have tried to copy but none have achieved. With this product, Espinaler has become an icon around Catalonia.

This is not a "hot" sauce in any sense. It is without heat.

92 ml or 750ml (that's the size of a wine bottle, you probably don't want this size until you've gone through a couple of the small ones).


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Espinaler Sauce (Salsa Espinaler)




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