Patagonia Provisions Lemon Caper Mackerel


Our Atlantic Mackerel is packed with organic lemon, capers and extra-virgin olive oil. Meaty yet bright-tasting, it’s a great pantry staple for adding to pasta and salads.

The seasonings are on the bottom, so flip the open can onto a plate to allow them to flow evenly over the fish.

Each can contains 4.2 oz; fully cooked.

Pictured in pasta aglio e olio with red pepper flakes, garlic, and parmesan.

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Ingredients:  Mackerel (Scomber scombrus), Organic Olive Oil, Organic Lemon, Organic Capers In Vinegar, Salt

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —

Here’s Chris McDade making a recipe from his book The Magic of Tinned Fish using this product.

Atlantic mackerel is the small fish with the mild flavor and big, meaty texture of a large fish. But there are many other reasons to give it a try. Unlike large apex predators like tuna and swordfish, these mackerel are small, schooling fish that occur in great abundance, providing a truly sustainable harvest. They’re caught by hook and line, with little to no bycatch, by traditional fishing families in northern Spain. Since Atlantic mackerel are low on the ocean food chain, they don’t have the high levels of mercury and other toxins that can concentrate in larger fish. And they are an excellent source of protein, vitamin B-12, and other essential nutrients, with 500 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per serving.

The Patagonia Provisions Guarantee (which we fully endorse and support):

We understand that fixing the broken food chain means sourcing ingredients that are grown, raised and harvested using methods that are friendly to our home planet.

But it doesn’t work if the foods we create aren’t mouth-wateringly, plate-lickingly delicious. That’s why we work with our favorite chefs to create foods that we love to eat and share.

If you ever order Provisions and aren’t 100% satisfied, we will happily refund you in full. In other words, we’re proud to stand by the flavor, nutrition, sourcing and quality of everything we make.

See what Matthew Carlson has to say about this mackerel.


  1. ptaillon (verified owner)

    I’m a fan of Patagonia Provisions’ mackerel in that I feel like it’s a good overall value and quality. I sometimes wish that their flavored tins were “stronger” but, admittedly, I like strong flavors.

    You will definitely, as recommended with their flavored varieties, benefit from emptying the tin onto a plate in order to get the full experience from both the lemon and included capers. After an initial taste, I added another few squeezes of fresh lemon along with a spoonful of capers I had in the fridge. Adding the extras made this tin a lot more enjoyable for me.

  2. Yousif Al-amin (verified owner)

    Solid meaty mackerel filets in a combination of oil, lemon, and a generous amount of nice sized capers. The fish is solid in texture but still flakey enough to be enjoyed on its own, with a piece of toast, or mixed together for a fish salad. I ate mine on top of a fresh garden salad and added some vinegar to the oil to prepare a dressing, next time I think I’ll try a fish salad spiced up with some lemon juice, zest, and mayo.

    This joins many of the other Patagonia Provisions tins that I’ve tried on my list of tins I’ll be back for!

  3. Benjamin Raber (verified owner)

    As Patagonia Lemon Olive Anchovies are Amazing, I thought I’d like this. I do like capers. However this was not incredible. The fish overly chewy, the flavor kind of strange. Get the Lemon Olive Anchovies instead.

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