Patagonia Provisions Roasted Garlic Spanish White Anchovies


These are not the salt-cured anchovies you may be used to, these are the same type of fish but processed more like the way sardines are typically processed, tinned in olive oil.

  • Sourced from thriving, well-managed populations in the Bay of Biscay, off Northern Spain
  • Small-scale purse seines reduce bycatch and prevent overharvest
  • Anchovies reproduce fast, making them a more renewable resource than many larger fish
  • Our fishermen belong to centuries-old cofradias, or guilds, which share profits and encourage cooperation
  • Processed, seasoned and canned by a family-owned certified B Corp, also in northern Spain, that employs mostly women

120g (4.2 oz) tin

Pictured with whole grain toast with caramelized onion butter.

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Ingredients: White Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Garlic, Salt, Organic Red Pepper

The Patagonia Provisions Guarantee, which we fully support:

We understand that fixing the broken food chain means sourcing ingredients that are grown, raised and harvested using methods that are friendly to our home planet.

But it doesn’t work if the foods we create aren’t mouth-wateringly, plate-lickingly delicious. That’s why we work with our favorite chefs to create foods that we love to eat and share.

If you ever order Provisions and aren’t 100% satisfied, we will happily refund you in full. In other words, we’re proud to stand by the flavor, nutrition, sourcing and quality of everything we make.

See what Matthew Carlson has to say about these anchovies.



  1. Patrick Hachey (verified owner)

    Wow these are surprisingly beefy! Very pretty, sizeable, clean fish that look and smell great upon cracking the can. The garlic adds richness to the oil, which can definitely be utilized well in recipes. Even has that slight raw garlic bite. I love to see that the ingredients used are organic. It is probably a contributing factor to the price, but I think Patagonia gets some brownie points for that. The biggest downside is they’re on the dry side.

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Pretty good overall. Fish was obviously of high quality as was the oil. Impressed by the amount of garlic pieces in the tin, it added quite a bit of flavor without being overpowering. The fish were all very firm and *bordering* on dry but not necessarily in a bad way. As someone who hasn’t eaten many anchovies other than salt-cured, I expected them to have a more unique taste to differentiate them from other small fish … but in a blind taste test, I’d probably guess these were sardines instead.

    At this price point, they will be an occasional buy for me as a change-of-pace tin but not a regular on my shelves. With that said, the flavor/quality of the tin in general will certainly make me try other Patagonia options.

  3. Anne Martin (verified owner)

    These come with the instruction on the side of the box and on a little slip of paper to dump them onto a plate to get all the little bits of seasoning. Good advice. There were seven fish all glistening and firm tucked into the oil and garlic. The garlic was more of hint than strong to me. I had not ever tried white anchovies before and these do remind me of sardines. They were fresh smelling and tasty with plain saltine crackers. I thought the fish was high quality with no broken fish or scales or anything that took away from their clean flavor. I would eat these again, but I am still searching for a stronger flavor from the oils that are seasoned.

  4. Sarah Hands (verified owner)

    These were incredible. The texture was meaty, the flavor immaculate, both for the fish itself and the oil. I ate it over rice with arugula, room temperature. The strong umami from the fish and garlic make it taste almost parmesany. Not a particularly strong flavor, but a versatile addition to any board or bowl.

  5. Matt (verified owner)

    Opened the tin to find lots of gorgeous meaty little anchovies waiting for me. As per the instructions I poured the tin onto a plate to get all the garlic’y morsels onto the plate. Meat was firm and not too fishy, kind of reminded me of small whole mackerels in a way. These were super tasty and could definitely see myself ordering this tin again!

  6. kstarling224 (verified owner)

    These were AMAZING! Will order every chance I get. I’d never tried anchovies before and these were a pleasant first endeavor. Very firm, plump, and full of sweet garlic flavor. The oil was rich too. I was FULL after half a tin. Do yourself a favor with this one.

  7. fishday (verified owner)

    Outstanding. I dumped these out onto a plate and had them on water crackers but wish I had used bread to sop up the garlic oil. I dabbed some Melinda’s ghost pepper sauce onto a couple, but it wasn’t necessary. They have great flavor as is. I think these are a 9/10. I’d never had anchovies in oil, only the little, salty pizza topping anchovies. I loved these.

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