Tin to Table Combo Pack


My name is Anna Hezel, and in addition to being a Rainbow Tomatoes Garden regular, I’m also an editor at Epicurious and the author of a brand new book, Tin to Table. The book contains an ocean’s worth of recipes for cooking your way through your tinned seafood collection. With this combo pack, you’ll get a copy of Tin to Table, a pack of sardine matches (a Rainbow Tomatoes Garden exclusive), and these tins that I’ve hand-picked for your collection:

Nuri Sardines Extra Spicy

I just love that Nuri gave the extra spicy treatment to their classic spiced sardines in olive oil. It’s like the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos of the sardine world! It’s not as intensely spicy as the little cartoon flames all over the packaging would have you believe, but there’s a nice peppery bite that will put some pep in your step.

Ati Manel Mussels in Escabeche

I’m perpetually hoarding tinned mussels—and not just because they’re so sustainable. Mussels in escabeche like these stylish ones from Ati Manel are packed in a paprika-filled vinegary sauce that tastes stunning straight out of the tin.

Don Gastronom Mackerel Fillets

Mackerel fillets like these from Don Gastronom are wonderful in a salad (like the Mac & Mack from my book), but lately, I’ve taken to eating them with a squeeze of lemon and a stack of crackers.

Arroyabe Bonito del Norte

Because tuna is so overfished as a species, I try to make my tuna habit an occasional, special kind of thing. This pole and line-caught bonito del norte in olive oil from Arroyabe is very special occasion-worthy. It’s flavorful, rich, and a perfect meal with a few olives, some great harissa, and a hunk of baguette.

This combo pack exactly fills a Priority Mail 1096L 0.1 cubic foot box, with no available space for additional tins. Adding this to a larger order means a larger box will be needed.


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