Angelo Parodi Mackerel Filets in Olive Oil


Meaty and delicious and sustainable, Americans are just coming around to tinned mackerel. The Italians and Spanish and Portuguese got there long before us. Delicious straight from the can, or dressed up in all the ways you might treat tuna and all the ways you might treat sardines. It’s the fish that bridges both worlds.

125g tin (4.4 oz)

Pictured on wheat toast with herb pesto and greens.

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Ingredients: Mackerel (Scomber colias/Scomber japonicus), olive oil, salt.


  1. kcward (verified owner)

    If you want a step up from KO, this is where to go. I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll load up next time.

  2. Evan Viviano (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this mackerel – much more than the Angelo Parodi sardines. I had the fillets over a salad made with a dressing from the tin’s oil, some dijon mustard, and a homemade habenero hot sauce. Great quality mackerel – firm flesh and clean tasting. I would definitely order these again

  3. marshallprather (verified owner)

    I opened these in addition to the same brand with ginger and chili pepper, they were similarly beautiful skinless fillets of fish with a very nice pink color. The flavor was light and the texture of the fish was pleasant. Not overly memorable but a very easy beginner tin to try. I used the rest in a puttanesca which made for a nice dinner.

  4. HDNeal (verified owner)

    The tin contained nice light-colored filets in a very light olive oil. The oil was so light and neutral flavored, it would be hard to identify as olive oil. The fish was meaty with a very pleasing texture. We don’t have a lot of experience with Mackerel, so did not know what to expect. The flavor is light and delicious. This tin would work well in a wide variety of dishes due to its pleasing texture and light flavor. Or just enjoy it straight from the tin.

  5. Skyla Praylow (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying mackarel and I wasn’t disappointed. Compared to sardines, it has an almost sweeter taste and milder taste. I made Ochazuke with it (white rice, green tea, a bit of soy sauce and sea salt) and it paired perfectly.

  6. LA (verified owner)

    What a pleasant surprise! Parodi sardines aren’t my favorites, but this mackerel was fresh & clean-tasting, quite unlike their rather rustic sardines. Good choice to share with anyone who has sad memories of cheap canned mackerel. And a reasonable price.

  7. Sarah Key (verified owner)

    This was the first tinned fish I ever tried, thanks to Dan’s suggestion. It was so pleasant. The fish is very mild, even more so than tuna. Not super fishy, but has a very approachable and safe taste, with a hearty texture and firm filet. If you’re on the fence of where to start, this tin is a great bet! I’ve eaten it on toast, with pickled onions and mustard, with herbs, in pastas, and mixed into mac and cheese.

  8. phamtkatie (verified owner)

    Delicious tin. Perfect seasoning and texture. I’d buy again and make this a staple in my rotation.

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