Cole’s Smoked Rainbow Trout in Olive Oil


Our Cole’s (Coles) trout is farm raised in an antibiotic and hormone free environment. Our trout fillets are known their consistency and delicious texture. They are deboned, carefully smoked using an aromatic Applewood blend, and packed in tins using high quality olive oil for freshness and a delicate taste enhancement.

Product of Chile. Farm Raised in Mountain Spring Water.

3.2 oz (91g) tin

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Ingredients: Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), Olive Oil, Sea Salt

See what Matthew Carlson has to say about this rainbow trout.


  1. Pat Hachey (verified owner)

    This is nice! Its incredibly clean in both flavors and texture. Very moist flesh adorned with beautiful silvery skin. Not so much smoke so that it becomes jerky-like (you know that almost caramelized action that smoked tins get? This doesn’t approach that). It flakes into nice fleshy segments that have fully absorbed the oil that has a buttery character to it. It just needs a little extra oomph to kick it up a notch. Doing work to solidify trout as one of my favorite canned fish, though!

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Wow. Beeeeeeeautiful single filet skin side up, quite impressive to see when you open the tin. The filet was small (3.2 oz tin) but it didn’t feel overwhelmingly tiny. A single word summing up the experience … “solid.” Softer texture than expected, flavor was somehow both milder yet also fishier than expected. I prefer heavy smoke in my tins and I’m not sure I picked up on much smoke here. It kind of disappeared when I added it to a cracker with a little Laughing Cow wedge on it.

    Overall, I did enjoy this tin -especially the visual aspect- but it’s probably not something I’ll get frequently at this cost/size/flavor combination. Quality was definitely there, however, so I’ll be looking to explore other variety in the Cole’s product line.

  3. Alexander Platt (verified owner)

    I like these. It’s a perfect little fillet with beautiful skin and delicate, flaky mild flesh. It’s not a super heavy smoke that makes other tinned trout dry and salty (but often still good) — this feels more like a sous vide kind of thing that leaves the trout moist and delicate.

  4. ptaillon (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised upon opening this tin to see a gorgeous skin-on filet of very lightly smoked, delicate, and moist rainbow trout. I’m a fan of smoked trout tins, mostly the drier and saltier versions, but this is a very nice change in texture and flavor that can be paired with scrambled eggs, fresh veggies, and more.

  5. CAleb TEnenbaum (verified owner)

    Not bad. Not as much flavor as I expected. The fish is flaky and basically melting in the oil, which is an enjoyable texture. Kind of reminds me more of a buttery fresh white fish baked in the oven vs. a smoked trout. On its own, the flavor leaves something to be desired. On bread with butter, lemon, salt, and some pickles or pickled red onions, it was very nice. We are used to eating Fangst’s smoked trout which is a lot more smokey and full of flavor. For a couple dollars more, I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for this flavor. If you want something more mild, the Cole’s is nice & tastes fresh

  6. Fisheye (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this style of smoked trout. The skin is gorgeous and the flesh is flaky, mild, and moist. It’s a good protein to have on hand for pasta, salads, or just straight from the can.

  7. Benjamin Wedepohl (verified owner)

    A very well executed tin. I was surprised by the high price tag and relatively small tin, but I think it was still worth the money. The trout was not overly smoky, and the skin was on, which I appreciate. It was packed nicely into the tin, and the taste was incredible. Flaky and very buttery, with a more subtle smoke flavor. I had it over a bit of rice and fresh lemon, which helped give it some substance. Definitely would order again.

  8. Shana Leshko (verified owner)

    Very mild trout – not a ton of smoke flavor. Honestly, I’m not sure it’s any better than the trader joe’s version at half the price. Would definitely recommend the Fangst smoked trout over this one.

  9. C.H. (verified owner)

    First impression opening the can: Oh wow it’s just one big piece! Eating it: Very soft/tender (including the pretty skin). Good mild flavor, barely tastes smoky to me (which is fine with me). Rich and kind of buttery but not overwhelming. I had it with Triscuits. I can see how some might find it “bland”, but I really like this kind of thing. Definitely going to be a repeat!

  10. Tiffany Lin (verified owner)

    totally unexpected in the best possible way. presentation was beautiful, with the tin opening up to a nice clean filet with beautiful silver skin.

    the trout itself was incredibly tender and totally unlike any other tinned trout I’ve had (Jose Gourmet, Trader Joe’s). it wasn’t super smokey, as others have mentioned, but I think it actually worked quite well given this was a more delicate fish. not great for making a smoked trout dip since it’s basically melts at touch, but I loved it on toast. definitely will get this again!

  11. KTY (verified owner)

    Really lovely. Great texture and mild taste. Will be getting more of these for sure!

  12. shs (verified owner)

    A good price as far as smoked trout goes (which can get very pricy!). A single perfect slab of fish every time I open the tin. You could make a really lovely trout dip with this, but I’m personally liable to eat it before I have the chance.

  13. Molly (verified owner)

    This was a lovely, simple tin. There was one fillet in the tin, a bit smaller than I expected, but the fish itself was delicious. Each bite was incredibly tender, almost silky, without being mushy at all, and the skin leant a nice richness. Salt levels were perfect and the smoke was subtle but definitely present. As I often do, I enjoyed this very simply over steamed rice with lemon and a shake of everything bagel spice on top for a little crunch. For the size of the filet, the price feels a bit high, but the quality is undeniable so the price isn’t at all unreasonable.

  14. shs (verified owner)

    My go-to for smoked trout, since it’s one of the more affordable tins in the category. Comes with two thin fillets with a nice pink hue. Gentle smokiness, soft flesh, a great example of its kind. I always keep some around.

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