All the Nuri


This is the perfect gift for any occasion. One each of every Nuri product currently available in the USA.

Nuri is legendary in the sardine community for not just their quality, but their unmatched quality to cost ratio. There just isn’t a better tin of fish for the price.

Everybody who tries Nuri loves it, and very few people have tried every type available. So you don’t need to worry about whether your giftee is getting something they want, this is what they want.

Whether they’ve had none or all of the Nuri offerings, there is no one that wouldn’t be thrilled to receive this.

Gift for yourself? It’s perfect for that, too.

Comes with a free copy of “Eat From the Tin Like a Heathen, or try Tinned Fish with Something,” by our own Helen Kaucher. Recipes and serving suggestions suitable for all experience levels.

9 tins total + free booklet.

We don’t normally include anything with pricing in any box, so gift giving is easy here. If you’d like us to include a note, just tell us exactly how it should read in the order notes text box as you check out and we’ll print it out on some nice card stock and position it such that it will be the first thing seen upon opening the box.




  1. Ashlee McClelland (verified owner)

    This has been a wonderful pack and I highly recommend! All of the spiced tins and amazing. Just had the spiced pate on warm slices of homemade sourdough and it was spectacular. We only have a couple tins left and honestly I may just buy this entire pack again instead of making a decision on which ones to pick out. They have all been great.

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