Espinaler Bonito del Norte (White Tuna) in Olive Oil, Classic Line


“Bonito” in this context actually means Albacore (Thunnus alalunga), not the fish that other parts of the world refer to as Bonito (Sarda sarda). When Thunnus alalunga was discovered first in the Cantabrian Sea, they referred to it as “Bonito del Norte.” Or Bonito of the North, as they look similar in morphology, just much larger.  No matter what you call it, though, this is killer good tuna.

120g tin

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Ingredients: white tuna (Thunnus alalunga), olive oil, and salt.

Espinaler began as a small tavern in Barcelona in 1896. Over time, they grew  beyond simply serving these delicacies to sourcing their own seafood in Galicia.

Espinaler makes selections at the peak of each season and hand packs tins to ensure the utmost care is taken. These selections will transport you to the Galician coast. Add a glass of vermouth, and you’ll be back at the very
beginning in Taverna Espinaler.

If you’re wondering if this is the company featured in that one episode of that one Bourdain show, it is.


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