Espinaler Spicy Baby Eels in Olive Oil, Premium Line


Baby eels, called “angulas” or “elvers” are a Basque delicacy, expensive because of the challenges of harvesting. For centuries they have been gathered at dusk as they leave their sandy hiding places at the mouths of rivers. They must then be kept alive in fresh water for about a week until their coloration proves they were alive when taken. If you see baby eels at a price that looks too good to be true, look for the word “surimi” on the package–this indicates they’re not actually baby eels, they’re an extruded blend of seafoods, primarily pollock, most often sold as Krab Stix.

The Espinaler Premium Line of products represent the best of the best of what each season has to offer, and the packaging is suitable for gift-giving–even if you are your own giftee.

Net Weight: 115g (4 oz), Drained Weight: 50g (2 oz) tin

Pictured basque-style with vermicelli.

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Ingredients: Baby eels, olive oil, garlic, red chili and salt.


  1. Ashlee McClelland (verified owner)

    So first of all, I know this seems like a crazy price for a tin, but my husband and I don’t go out for New Years so we like to do a little decadent food tray for ourselves. This was one of our special NY treats!

    We had this warm on toasted bread. Little bit of lemon. It was wonderful. If you want a little spurge, go for it. One of these years I will definitely get it again for new years!

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