Güeyu Mar Squid (Calamari) from Another Planet


As featured in Bon Appétit magazine.

Squid aka calamari in its own ink.

Net Weight: 6oz, Drained Weight: 3.5 oz
Pictured on bamboo rice with furikake sprinkle.

In stock


Ingredients: Squid (Loligo vulgaris), Ink Sauce (Squid Ink, Onion, Pepper and fish stock (monkfish)).


  1. suzjackson (verified owner)

    Wow, these are divine. Not gonna lie, I was a bit hesitant about these because my previous experiences with squid ink have never lived up to my expectations. These blew me away. This is the flavor I’ve been missing all my life!

    The squid itself comes in bite-sized chunks, very tender but still the perfect amount of texture, and the ink? THE INK! We ate these straight out of the tin to get an initial vibe. Holy cow. Umami heaven.

    When we reorder, which we definitely will, the plan is to try these warmed up over rice with some scallions and toasted sesame seeds. Bonus, the packaging itself is cute and fun. This tin is a winner all around and well worth the price if you’re looking for something unusual and delicious.

  2. Kristine (verified owner)

    This was the third squid tin I’ve tried with the other ones being the ‘Don Gastronom squid pieces’ and the ‘Pepus Stuffed Baby Squid in Ink’. Each tin has their unique qualities that have made it enjoyable experiences.

    What stood out to me with the Gueyu Mar was that it did a great job highlighting the squid. After opening the can, I was greeted with a pool of black ink that was swimming with morsels of squid pieces (tentacles, body, and maybe even roe?). The chargrilled prep really elevated the squid flavor — there was a subtle smokiness with a rich flavoring (more so than the other squid in ink tins I’ve tried). I will say that the charred smokiness was not as noticeable compared to the other Gueyu Mar offerings. The texture of the squid was enjoyable as it was firm but not rubbery. This was served on a bed of pasta and then drizzled with a bit of brown butter on top.

    I give this tin a 5 out of 5. This is something that I will get again and one that I will enjoy from time to time.

  3. luke (verified owner)

    I sat on this tin for a while, trying to justify a special occasion to bring it out. But tonight I cracked and made paste with it for my daughter and I. This was so good my seven year
    Old has asked me to make it again.

    A phenomenal tin, eat it straight from the can, in pasta, over rice…. You can’t go wrong. We ate it over bucatini with brown butter, lemon, and a little chili flake.

    Will be stocking up on this for the future

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