José Gourmet Sardines with Lemon in Olive Oil


Atlantic and Mediterranean, our delicious sardines are kept fresh from the moment they are caught. They become even tastier and nutritionally rich with the lemon that flavours the olive oil. Savour this flavour with a bit of rustic bread or toasts, accompanied by a nice glass of white or red wine, someone to taste it with, or simply to please your ego!

A lemon and a sardine fell in love. She used to visit him onshore, and in turn, he would visit her at sea. From then on, sardines and lemons go hand in hand, symbolizing a passionate and well cared for heart.


Sardines in puff pastry
Drain sardines from 4 tins with olive oil and lemon. Cut out rectangle shapes from 1/2 kg of puff pastry. In the middle of each rectangle place] sardine. Fold and brush the outside with 3 egg yolks which has been previously mixed with 1 tea spoon of cold water. Bake in the oven at 210 °C. Serve with ketchup.

Illustration Inês Oliveira
Text Eugénio Roda
Recipes Luís Baena

125g tin

Pictured on marble rye with chive cream cheese, red onion jam, and kale microgreens.

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Ingredients: Sardines, olive oil, lemon and salt.

See what Matthew Carlson has to say about these sardines.


  1. jfeyes (verified owner)

    If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything…..$10 for mushy sardines….get two cans of Matiz or Bela and have twice the fun!!!

  2. Albert Schmidt (verified owner)

    Not a fan to be honest. The sardines had a limoncello type flavor and the texture was not pleasing in context. The fish tasted fresh, but the extra lemon flavor and mushyness were not for me. Disappointing for the price.

  3. hannahldodge (verified owner)

    The Good: My tin had four fish that seemed pretty firm to me. The taste was clean, the oil nice, and the lemon flavour was subtle.

    The Meh: I kind of wanted more lemon flavor. Maybe I should have actually eaten the little slice of lemon that was in the can (didn’t think of that until just now), so could be that’s on me.

    Overall a solid tin and I had a nice lunch with them, but I’ve also found similar quality at a slightly lower price point.

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