Les Mouettes d’Arvor Mackerel in Mustard & Crème Fraiche


This combination of fresh cream and mustard will surprise you with its sweet and delicate flavor.

169g tin

Pictured on homemade potato pancakes.

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Ingredients: Mackerel fillets 56%, mustard sauce (water, Dijon mustard (SULPHITES) 11.5%, fresh cream (MILK) 7.8%, sunflower oil, rice starch, white wine vinegar (SULPHITES), salt, alcohol, garlic puree, spices, white wine Muscadet (SULPHITES), flavor, stabilizers: guar gum, carob bean flour).

Les Mouettes D’Arvor Concarneau, France

The Brittany coast is home to the Gonidec family and their cannery, named after the native seagulls, Les Mouettes d’Arvor. Their early focus on tuna and mackerel preservation in 1959 has expanded to a broader range of offerings
with the same dedication with which the family began. Be sure not to miss the selection of seafood rillettes.


  1. deenzandgreenz (verified owner)

    Tangy, creamy, and wonderful! I enjoyed this tin atop some spiced rice. The cream base really comes forward with an unmistakable tang from the mustard. The mackerel itself was some of the top quality that I have ever tried. Running to get more varieties from Les Mouettes. This tin was a real treat! Worth the splurge.

  2. Jacob Rosch (verified owner)

    This wasn’t for me. I like the fish itself, but the sauce was pretty strong and VERY creamy. I can see how people could love this, but it wasn’t for me. You definitely taste the mustard sauce.

  3. josephraa (verified owner)

    This was a very unique and fun tin to experience. I had it on lightly-toasted sourdough bread, generously covering with the sauce. For each bite, I played around with different additions like a mustardy hot sauce, capers, onions, etc. but really it was pretty good already with just the bread and the included sauce. Obviously avoid if you don’t like mustard, but def try it if you do.

  4. shs (verified owner)

    This is how I found out what I don’t like in a tin of fish. I was on a mackerel spree (and I believe these were recommended in one of the Ten Tins to Try lists?) and I was also getting into more flavorful tins, but unfortunately I couldn’t finish them. Perhaps it was the cream?

  5. dolson.drew (verified owner)

    When will I learn my lesson? If there’s mustard or if there’s tomato sauce, proceed directly to the stove or microwave. And yet I cracked this tin open for lunch at me office, thinking “Oh, it’ll be fine.” It was not, at least it wasn’t pleasant or tasty. Fear not! I popped the tin back into a ziploc bag, and floated it for 10 minutes in a bowl of near-boiling water. Total transformation: The mustard and cream became a quite good sauce. It’s quite different, too, from any other mustardy tins I’ve had, easily my favorite of that class. The mackerel was high-quality (something I knew/expected based on other Mouettes d’Arvor tins. So, don’t be a dim-bulb: Heat before you eat.

  6. twa101 (verified owner)

    I got this tin mainly because I read on here that it is a divisive one. I was a bit hesitant because while I love many mustards, I am not a fan of the flavor of horseradish, which some stronger mustards do have. Peeling off the lid, I was relieved to not smell any horseradish notes. Appearance wise, I was not encouraged. The fish was submerged in thick pool of sauce reminiscent of that blah beige that most rental apartments are painted. On a whim, I decided to warm the sauce up just a bit so I gently upended the can into a pan and warmed it up over low. Fortunately both pieces held together well enough but I did damage the skin a good bit which was disappointing as Mouettes typically put on a good skin show. Texture wise, this was juicy, tender, and with just enough tooth. Flavor wise, it fell a bit flat and was as murky as it looked in the can. Not much mustard and seemed to be more of a tart cream sauce. Perhaps it could have benefited from some fresh herbs, but I was completely out. I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, but I think that I’ll be sticking to other Mouettes mackerel.

  7. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Extremely mild mustard sauce with some high quality mackerel. No complaints about this fish – the mackerel is absolutely an ideal medium texture with a moist flake. Mouettes d’Arvor is brilliant in how they get the best possible mackerel texture/moisture amidst their different sauces. With that said, I was hoping for a little more personality & more pop out of this tin especially considering how much tang & acidity that Mouettes coaxes out of their muscadet mackerel and lemon basil mackerel tins. This one is certainly tasty and the thickness of the sauce is quite pleasant, but it’s not a jaw dropping eat-this-straight-from-the-tin situation like their aforementioned other mackerel options. This would be an amazing main ingredient in a larger dish for sure and you’ll definitely have a good time if you do just that. Happy to have tried this one for sure.

  8. Mike Turpie (verified owner)

    This is a larger than average tin of long mackerel filets with skin on. The sauce is better tasting than I expected. To me, this tin only makes sense heated and mixed with pasta/rice/gnocchi. I chose a whole wheat pasta. I would choose a standard pasta next time. To ensure enough sauce, I added some extra Dijon mustard, and topped everything with chopped scallion tops. These were good choices, and I really wanted to like this tin. I think I’m learning that mackerel just isn’t my favorite of the tinned fishes. If it had been tuna, cod, or trout, I think I would have liked it a lot. Mackerel and Dijon fans may well be pleased.

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