Matiz Sardines with Lemon


Nothing draws out the flavor of seafood better than lemon, and these have just a hint to accent without dominating.

120g tin

In stock


Ingredients: sardines, sunflower oil, natural lemon essential oil, sea salt

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —


  1. kholthaus1 (verified owner)

    The lemon essence was subtle,but unique. I will buy this again.

  2. jcheese014 (verified owner)

    As others have said, the lemon flavor was really subtle which I enjoyed. The sardines themselves were large and pretty firm. I really enjoyed these and will buy them again.

  3. kstarling224 (verified owner)

    An excellent tin, at a great price point. This is my favorite lemon-flavored sardine tin so far. The essence is subtle, as other reviews have mentioned, and I additionally found that the fishiness was muted, and well balanced by the lemon scent and taste. I ate these heated and then smashed, on top of rice. A must try!

  4. Lawrence Kalinowski (verified owner)

    rocking. 3 firm large fish packed into the tin. greeted by lemony oil scent.

    firm fleshed fish. skin and slight soft bones factored into the tactile chew. the citron, salty umami bomb made the darker fleshed portions of the sardine my favorite.

  5. jacob.harris.122 (verified owner)

    These are great; I enjoyed these on some crackers with chili crisp. The fish are big, tender, and have a mild fish flavor. The flavor is called “lemon essence” and I think that’s quite accurate. It’s not sour like lemon juice at all. It reminds me of a lemon jolly rancher, but not sweet obviously. I would get these again, especially for $5.

  6. Yousif Al-amin (verified owner)

    Like others mentioned, the lemon essence is exactly that – just a mild, subtle lemon flavor. The fish were firm and fairly large, perfectly flavored with salty and umami notes without being too fishy thanks to the lemon.

    $5 price point is stellar and I will definitely be back for these.

  7. Vargas (verified owner)

    Great tin, great price. 3 large intact fish, that look way more “natural” (i.e. colors less muted) in color than others. Skin was intact as well. No scales in this tin though I’ve heard that can be a problem with Matiz. Can’t say I really tasted the lemon unless eating them plain. The subtle flavoring won’t really stand up to any additions, but that wasn’t really a problem since the fish themselves were high quality.

  8. jslaton009 (verified owner)

    Really enjoying Matiz, seems like a great quality of fish for the price. Very robust little fishes, beautifully intact in the tin.

    Flavors were literally perfectly balanced, citrus didnt overwhelm and allowed for the fish to remain the star.

    Couldn’t recommend Matiz, and this tin in particular, any higher.

  9. Andrew Fuerte (verified owner)

    Like other reviewrs, can definitely smell the lemon, but the taste was pretty subtle.

    Broke the 3 sardines up, and cooked with some cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, and ate with a lemon/garlic pepper/oil pasta noodles. Texture was good, and fish held up really well when tossed in the pasta.

  10. nfwsletters (verified owner)

    Subtle, enjoyable lemon taste— more like lemon zest than lemon juice. I liked these as a daily driver, an alternative to the piri-piri style but no less tasty. Matiz comes through with the taste and texture every time!

  11. Christian Samuel (verified owner)

    Matiz is what I consider the premium grocery store sardine. They aren’t at all grocery stores to be sure, but you do find them here and there usually at the top end of the price spectrum compared to the other “cheapies” grocery stores usually offer, and as such are considerably higher quality and a solid choice if you want a solid dine, but don’t want to break the bank. I have enjoyed many in the past and will continue to enjoy many more in the future. Solid choice.

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