Minerva Sardines in Olive Oil


These are made with the true, authentic Atlantic sardine, Sardina pilchardus, according to the Portuguese tradicional method. Sardines are selected and prepared by hand, one by one, and are pre-cooked in steam, only being canned after this process and prepared with different sauces.

Ranked #70 on the worldbestfish.com Overall list.

120g (85g drained) tin

In stock

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Ingredients: Sardines, olive oil, salt.

Preserves of 100% Portuguese production. 

 The excellence of our products is a result of the elevated quality of the fish and the traditional production method.

 The fish is selected and prepared manually in order to achieve a product of superior quality. 


  1. Pat Hachey (verified owner)

    Some pros and cons to mention here! These are delicate, moist and soft fish. They’re a little on the smaller side of pilchards so they seem to have absorbed a little more oil than other cans. The oil is really neutral and almost green. Has that sort of vegetal aftertaste to it. They’d really benefit some excitement, especially at this price. Its simple, its mild, its safe, its cleanly executed, but I’d pick something else in this price range.

  2. kholthaus1 (verified owner)

    this was a great tin of sardines! They tasted great with that sardine flavor I love. When I open a tin of sardines I always eat the first one without any accompaniment, not even a cracker. This is my way of checking flavor and texture. these were great all by themselves. If you must eat them with something, rice would be nice. I will repurchase these if they ever are back in stock.

  3. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    A solid tin. Soft all the way through but not mush, mild flavor but not bland. Texturally, I’d probably compare them to a regular Matiz sardine tin but I do think they had a little more flavor (and salt) than those. Fair value for the price and I’d happily eat them again in the future. But given the choice, I’d probably choose the Minerva lemon sardines instead as they provided just a little more pop. If you prefer your sardines to be mild, big ‘n soft then look no further – this could be exactly what you’re looking for!

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