Ortiz Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil, tin (BB 08/2024)


These tinned anchovies are semipreserved, and should be kept cool during storage. Consume within a year of purchase for highest quality.

It’s not clear exactly which Ortiz product or products were reviewed by worldbestfish.com, but anchovies by Ortiz were ranked #9 on their Anchovy list and #64 on their Overall list.

Not ready to commit to a whole jar of anchovies and don’t want to fuss with cleaning salt-packed tinned fish? Here you go!

47.5g tin

Pictured in caesar dressing, homemade puttanesca suace, and gildas.

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Ingredients: anchovies, olive oil, salt


  1. Caleb Tenenbaum (verified owner)

    very very good anchovies! I have tried a lot of anchovies, and tend to get ones in a glass jar because I feel that they last longer (not sure if this is true?), but these have the best flavor of any anchovy i’ve tried in a while! They’re large & substantial without being too meaty. They are packed with flavor without being too “fishy”. Ate it on baguette w/ butter.. on a raw green pepper.. and then on its own straight from the tin. It stood up in all 3 use cases. I definitely recommend these!

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