Ortiz Sweet Piquillo Peppers stuffed with White Tuna (Bonito del Norte)


We added these at the request of several customers who noticed we offer Ortiz products, customers who absolutely love the product but don’t have a regular source for it. Then we tried it. Wow. This is a great product. Gently warm and serve over rice to catch all that sauce.

Piquillo peppers stuffed with tuna in tomato sauce. Scrump.

300g tin

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Ingredients: Piquillo peppers (35%(, white tuna (17%), tomato, milk, onion, wheat flour, olive oil, sugar, salt, modified potato starch.

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  1. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    A very large portion with an impressive presentation, how did they manage to not rip the peppers? Especially impressed by how prominently the peppers factored into each bite. Truly unique tin here. The sauce won’t blow you away but it’s an above average tomato sauce with enough flavor to allow the tuna/pepper combo to shine. While the tuna quality was high, I would have loved some bigger chunks that held onto more moisture – what you get into each pepper is a pretty shredded up tuna with good flavor but no variance in texture. Salt levels were low but that’s easy to remedy. This tin would be an absolutely perfect splurge for a real lover of canned tuna. While that’s not *quite* describing me, I still felt like I got my money’s worth here. A really unique experience that I’d recommend as a semi-splurge at-home date night dinner.

  2. Katherine Bennett (verified owner)

    Beautiful and tasty. Definitely recommend.

  3. Caleb M (verified owner)

    Just sat back down after devouring a piping hot tin of these over warm white rice.

    I’m blown away. I normally don’t enjoy fish in tomato sauce, but this was divine. The tuna filling is creamy, the piquillo peppers are fragrant, and the sauce gives off a warm, comforting vibe.

    The peppers are large enough for this to be 4 servings (when served atop rice). Wish they squeezed a bit more sauce inside, but it’s already filled to the brim. Haven’t tried microwaving them as I’m afraid it will impact the texture, but a 5-minute boiling bain marie did the trick. Make sure to open it immediately after rinsing under cool water — the metal tin heats back up pretty quickly from the contents.

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