Ramón Peña Fried Small Sardines Stewed in Sauce (Fritas Guisadas “Xoubas”), Gold Line


For best eating experience, we highly recommend gently warming these floured, fried and stewed small sardines before serving.

Sardines in Galicia are known as “sardinas”, “parrochas”, and “xoubas”, depending on the size. Xoubas, or xoubiñas are the smallest ones.

“Guisadas” means cooked, and implies cooked with a blend of homemade tomato sauce, green or red peppers, and onion.

Conservas Ramón Peña is a premier producer of fine canned seafood. Hand cleaned, prepared, and packed treasures from the Galician Rias, Atlantic Ocean, and Mediterranean Sea are aged in can to perfection. Eat these delicacies straight from the can or use to explore traditional Spanish seafood recipes.

130g tin

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Ingredients: small sardines (Sardina pilchardus), olive oil, tomato, onion, red pepper, wine, flour (gluten), spices and salt.


  1. Amber Rottier (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this tin gently warmed and over plain leftover white rice. It was a delicious, quick lunch. The sauce was a simple sofrito style “sauce” and there were 5 nice sized sardines with some breading on them. They were firm, not mushy – they would have ate a little dry without the sauce so it was definitely needed. Would order again to have on hand for a simple meal.

  2. toolndie (verified owner)

    Enjoyable aroma of roasted fish with vegetables…4 fair sized fish (I wouldn’t call these small) covered in onion and pieces of tomato…
    The fish has a great flavor and is one of the best tasting sardines I have had to date…firm chew…delicately breaded, fried/baked, then tinned in this excellent oil/sauce, which makes for a rich sardine…flavors of sweet onions mainly, a little red bell pepper and tomato…Delicious!!!…it’s worth the splurge…
    As suggested by Dan I warmed this tin…then served it with pieces of Toasted Artisan Garlic Bread (SKH), which I used to soak up that incredible sauce, and Castelvetrano Olives (Italy)…the rich buttery olives and the sauce from this tin were a perfect marriage…

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