Yurrita Sardinillas (Small Sardines) in Olive Oil 10/14


Sardines salted and canned in olive oil. Perfect on their own or flaked with a fork and mixed with lemon juice and diced onion served on a crusty bagel.

115g tin (4 oz or 2.8 oz drained)

Pictured with whole grain mustard and basil crackers.

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Ingredients: sardines (Sardina pilchardus), olive oil, salt

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  1. Isaac Zisman (verified owner)

    Ideal salinity, texture, savoriness. Briny without being too salty. When I opened the can, I immediately noticed a fresh aroma of the sea. Plump, yet yielding. Flakey, but not dry. Absolutely love these fish.

  2. Joe Warren (verified owner)

    The packaging on these is sleek! When the tin peeled back I noticed it was packed to the brim with quite a few inside. A shimmering silver school of sardinillas waiting for you.

    Great firmness, and they truly held their shape throughout. Bones were hidden in the savory bites since they kept together. Delightful texture. The olive oil acted like a backdrop that allowed the fish to shine without stealing the show. Enjoyable!

  3. straw.new.0g (verified owner)

    Olive oil was soft and almost creamy like. Fish were great, dare I say perfect. Texture was just right in terms of firmness and meaty texture. Good looking fish. No rough scales. Nicely salted to balance the flavors. Would order again. 10/10. Amazing can.

  4. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    An ideal representation of a Spanish sardine. Stunning to open up, packed completely full of schmedium fillets that are seasoned perfectly. Medium firmness with excellent flake and no mush. Easy to pick up with chopsticks, doesn’t fall apart, and each bite so satisfying with medium moisture. It was nearly impossible to stop wolfing these down as fast as I possibly could.

    When it comes to unspiced, unsmoked and otherwise unflavored small/medium sardines, these are easily in my top 5 … on the right day, maybe even top 3 right behind Pollastrini di Anzio Sardines in Olive Oil 4/6 and Paco Lafuente Small Sardines in Olive Oil 16/18. What a lovely, lovely tin.

  5. emosberger (verified owner)

    What a wonderful tin this was! Cracking open I was presented with a mild fish aroma that dissipated quickly. Counted a total of 12 little sardines that were firm enough to come out of the can without breaking apart. The texture was somewhat firm and meaty. The olive oil was mild with a creamy consistency that complemented the sardines perfectly. Seasoning level was nice, perhaps a bit heavy on the salt but that the only criticism I have from an otherwise excellent tin that I plan on trying again in the future.

  6. Ben Gradel (verified owner)

    These have many subtle characteristics that distinguish these as premium sardines. Namely a great chew, not mushy or dry. They are firm yet also have a smooth texture, like a firm fish that just slightly melts in your mouth but stops shy of buttery. I really had to sniff to even tell that can was even open, perhaps the least fishy smelling of any tin I have opened. The fish are neatly stacked in the can with all the skin intact and spines hold up well when breaking the fish apart. Flavor notes are subtle so adding these to a dish will complement whatever they are paired with.

  7. Cody Edwards (verified owner)

    These were a delight, I would happily eat these again. Not sure how often I would shell out 10.50 for em though. Still, I’m happy to have tried them.

  8. d. chu (verified owner)

    The presentation of the sardines, the aroma, the flavor, the texture, the olive oil–every element of this tin is at a very high level, with little to no faults. Highly recommended!

    The fish were soft but not mushy, and came out of the tin easily without falling apart. I felt the oil penetrated these a bit more than in your average tin, which further accentuated the soft texture and flavors of the fish. Compared to other premium tins, I would say these are milder in terms of texture (not as firm), salinity, and fishiness (none of which are necessarily bad things). Also, as with other top tier Spanish tins, the olive oil is delicious and demands to be repurposed!

  9. Dani Elle (verified owner)

    So… it’s safe to say I found a new favorite. The visual upon opening the can was a delight; they were beautifully packed and iridescent. Each bite was a blend of savory and slightly briny notes. What stood out was the tender texture – it was flakey, and soft, and they are easily taken from the can without breaking apart. The olive oil not only complemented the taste but added an extra layer of richness. These were out of this world delicious, and I hightly recommend you try them.

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