Combo Pack: Four Bonito del Norte (Albacore) at Four Different Price Points


Ever wonder why this can of tuna costs this much and that can of tuna costs that much? I sure did, and that’s a big reason behind our decision to offer so many different tunas (and sardines). In the world of conservas the “simple” Bonito del Norte in olive oil is like the hash browns at a diner:  are you even a diner if you don’t offer it? it’s just potatoes and butter, how much variety can there be? We all know the answer to those questions.

I am reminded of a quote by George Seferis, shared with me by Roy Arenella, from Sefaris’s “A Poet’s Journal”, “My fancy sometimes reaches this absurd limit: if all the poets of the world were permitted to use one word only–the same word–the good poets would still find a way to differ from each other & create with this single word different personal poems…”

Please note that the price jump between the last two is not as great as it appears, the El Capricho tin is significantly larger.

Yurrita White Tuna in Olive Oil, 111g tin ($5.50)
Conservas de Cambados White Tuna in Olive Oil, 111g tin ($8.00)
La Brújula White Tuna in Olive Oil No. 54, 115g tin ($13.00)
El Capricho Bonito del Norte Fillets in EVOO, 210g tin ($26.00)

Also included, is a free bottle of Espinaler Sauce ($5 value)


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