El Capricho

El Capricho provides timeless gourmet delights from the sea. Though our world continually changes in ways large and small, their excellence in conservas is constant.

*Tinned at Peak Freshness

*Steeped in Tradition.

*Years of Award-Winning Quality.

*Bonito (Tuna) Fished Directly from the Cantabrian Sea

*Sturgeon from Green Spain Rivers

Their workers, skilled and experienced in traditional ways, ensure that you enjoy their canned fish and mussels at their most fresh and flavorful. The flavors, thanks to artisanship, are expertly preserved. Rainbow Tomatoes Garden is honored to present them to you.

Ahhh, lest I forget, there is a bonus, healthfulness. Not only are El Capricho’s products superbly delicious, but they offer health benefits.

Salute! Here’s to your health, to your taste, and, ultimately, to your table.

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