José Gourmet Small Mackerel in Spicy Olive Oil


These are small Pacific Chub Mackerel in olive oil and hot pepper.

120g tin

Pictured in mini tacos with tomato and avocado salsa.

In stock


Ingredients: Mackerel (Scomber japonicus) (70%), Olive Oil *25%), Chili (1.2%) and salt.

The terms “spiced” and “spicy” are used pretty much interchangeably in the tinned fish world, to mean two different things: with a hot pepper (or hot pepper flavor), and with cloves/bay/carrot/hot pepper. There are many examples of both terms being used to mean both things.

We are so frustrated by how widespread this confusing inconsistent usage is that we’ve gone through our entire product line to correct the incorrect ones such that our description of “spiced” or “spicy” will always indicate which it really is, regardless of the packaging. “Spicy” = with hot pepper flavor. “Spiced” = with the cloves/bay/carrot/hot pepper flavors.


  1. fibersides (verified owner)

    Mackerel. Big, firm fish, usually filleted and tinned without skin and bones. I’ve been seeking out whole body mackerel, and here we are.

    These are small mackerel, which makes them about as big as a size 3-4 sardine. At least in this tin it does.

    These from Jose Gourmet were very tasty. Mild fish flavor, some mackerel has a very strong fish flavor which some might not like. The spicy pepper oil was fine, and somewhat spicy as is usually the case. The spine was sturdy like mackerel is usually, but a bit softer as these were small.

    I really like these, and as a mackerel fan, I found them to be very easy to enjoy. These are probably a good way to get into mackerel if you’re normally eating sardines. You can find mackerel among the supermarket brands, but I think these from Jose Gourmet definitely give you the enjoyment value and premium flavor for the price asked for this tin. Great bang for the buck.

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