King Oscar “Tiny Tots” Brisling (Sprats) Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Back in olden times, King Oscar used to offer their products in the USA under three different brand names, depending on the region of the country they were being sold in. The three brands were King Oscar, Tiny Tots, and Spirit of Norway. Over the years the Spirit of Norway brand was phased out, but the Tiny Tots following was just too devoted to the brand. Legend and lore say that there’s a little more “royal love” in the Tiny Tots than in the King Oscar. Who are we to argue with irrational passions?

Two layer, 12-22 fish.

106g tin

In stock


Ingredients: Lightly smoked brisling sardines (Sprattus sprattus), extra virgin olive oil, salt.

Product of Poland


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