La Brújula Sea Urchin (Huevas de Erizo de Mar) No. 91


Origin: Galicia, Spain

Features: Hand harvested by local women in Galicia, Spain, La Brújula conservas are regarded as some of the finest preserved seafoods in the world.

Notes: Buttery, tender, deep ocean flavor, and devoid of sand, this preserved sea urchin is fantastic eaten raw or tossed in pasta or as a luxurious add-in to soft-scrambled eggs.

A favorite way to eat this is to chill it in the fridge for about 15 minutes before serving and then hitting with simple squeeze of lemon.

The Chicago restaurant Porto, recently awarded a Michelin star and declared one of the 20 best restaurants in the US, cooks with tins of La Brújula. In one of his dishes, Chef Marcos uses these sea urchin roes on a toast.

110g tin

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Ingredients: Sea Urchin roes, water, salt.

Check out Matthew Carlson exploring this tin in his version of “Tinned Fish Date Night”.


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