Ekone Oyster Company

Ekone Oyster Company was incorporated in 1982 by Nick Jambor and his wife, Joanne. They had already started farming oysters in Washington, where you can privately own intertidal ground. Nick built a wooden smokehouse for Joanne’s birthday, and they smoked a few oysters to enjoy. They experimented with brines and smoking times for the oysters, and found that their friends loved them. Nick and Joanne started taking their oysters to restaurants in Seattle, where they were popular also. It did not take long to rent a small space, upgrade the smokehouse and start producing more smoked oysters to keep up with the demand.

Ekone Oyster Co has been a part of the Taylor Shellfish Farms family since 2017,
and we have recently consolidated the canned fish program to our headquarters in Shelton, WA.

Building A Sustainable Legacy–It all began in Totten Inlet with the tiny Olympia Oyster. Our great great-grandfather found his true calling in oyster farming, which started our legacy that lives on today. Since then, every generation of the Taylor family has grown up with a passion for shellfish and for the close-knit communities and rugged landscapes of Western Washington.

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