Ekone Oyster Company Original Smoked Oysters


Pacific Oysters are grown on our farms in Willapa Bay located on the coast of Washington State. They are grown using the long-line method to promote the highest quality oyster, and ensure they are always free of sand and grit. They are harvested fresh then brought to our Ekone cannery in Bay Center, WA, where the oysters are steamed and opened, then brined in small batches. The brined oysters are then placed meticulously on stainless steel racks and smoked using maple chips. A true classic that is fresh, all natural and allows the flavor of the oysters to shine!

Each 3 ounce can is made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. They are also shelf stable for up to four years!

Net Weight: 3 oz (85g)

Pictured in dip with parsley, hot sauce, mayonnaise, pepper, and chives.

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Ingredients: Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas), Organic Sunflower Oil, Salt, Organic Sugar, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Onion Powder, Citric Acid, Natural Smoke.


Compare Crown Prince oysters and Ekone smoked oysters with @daywithmei.



  1. kholthaus1 (verified owner)

    The flavor of these oysters was good. They seemed a little dry and maybe packing in olive oil would have helped. These are good with a little hot sauce on a cracker.

  2. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Brilliant tin, simple and nearly perfect. Jam-packed with oysters (hardly any oil) so you feel like you really got what you paid for. Delightfully noticeable medium smoke level. Texture was excellent without grit as you’d expect from a premium brand. Now that I’ve had all 3 varieties of Ekone, I’ve got habanero at #1, this smoked tin at #2, lemon pepper at #3. It’s hard to imagine a future that I don’t include at least Ekone tin in my RTG orders, likely alternating between this and habanero. Strongly recommend you to treat yourself at least once with Ekone.

    What did I think about eating them plain? Very good and delicious, but I do recommend adding some flaky salt and lemon. What about with Espinaler sauce? Oddly enough, this is a no for me – I didn’t think it improved them any. How about Tabasco sauce? Winner, winner, the perfect addition to complement the smoky flavor without being overwhelming. Oyster + tabasco + saltine = beautiful.

  3. Isaac Zisman (verified owner)

    Firm, savory, pleasantly but not overwhelmingly smoky. The can is packed tight and the oysters were filling. These will go into the regular rotation. An excellent snack.

  4. Fisheye (verified owner)

    I loved Crown Prince smoked oysters in olive oil and I was really curious to see if there are worth the premium. I tried the two side by side, and the Ekone are twice the size and far more flavorful. Is it worth 3-4x the cost? That’s a matter of personal preferences and finances.

    For me, these would be a sometimes treat, if I want to celebrate or feel better after a rough week.

  5. toolndie (verified owner)

    The tin is packed tight with oysters…literally no room for even one more oyster…they are large…varying in size from quarter to half dollar (there was one on the bottom that was so big I cut it in half!)…they look naturally smoked and are much drier than expected…very little oil in the tin…
    Nice smoky scents drifts up from the tin…very pleasing aroma!…there is an amazing excellent chew…not mushy at all…delicious smoky oyster flavors… compared to the tinned oysters from South Korea, these are in a class by themselves…as suggested by Hream McDan (RTG), I hit a few of these with Fresh Squeezed Lemon and a little Maldon Sea Salt Flakes…Delicious!…all this was washed down with a good bottle of French Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie…
    These are hands down the finest tinned oysters I have ever had…worth the splurge….

  6. Irina (verified owner)

    These oysters came in much larger pieces than expected – possibly some of the largest oysters I’ve seen in my life (aside from fresh oysters). They were also packed very tightly in the tin, and at first I couldn’t even tell if the tin was packed with oil or water because it was so filled to the brim with oysters!

    They have a very distinct smoky flavor that didn’t overpower the strong flavor of the oysters themselves. They had a good texture – bouncy and firm without being rubbery. That being said, they were quite salty and oceany so I personally didn’t love them plain, but I think that comes down to preference because my husband was a huge fan. With a generous squeeze of lemon and some hot sauce to cut the saltiness and balance the flavors, they were much better! I’m not sure if I would recommend these to someone who is relatively new to tinned seafood, but if you already know you like tinned oysters, then these are very high quality.

  7. tarynmgawronski (verified owner)

    Blown away by this tin and brand. Its a little more pricey than others I have gotten, but the tin is PACKED and you definitely get your money’s worth here. The oysters are very large and not chewy at all, had a great salty/ocean flavor much like raw oysters (which are my favorite). Not a lot of sauce or oil, so I had a few straight but then paired about half with lemon, evoo, and salt and the other half with evoo and homemade candied jalapeños. Again, there are so many in the tin you have lots of options! Think this would be great to serve if hosting people and doing a tinned fish board, since the quality is so good and they are so versatile.

  8. Mattie Ewald (verified owner)

    I don’t usually like canned oysters but I’ve seen these in media, and they looked so plump and meaty that I just had to give them a try. They’re a lot drier in person, not a ton of oil to these guys, but I found the texture to be quite pleasant with a nice bite! I paired them with three different potato chips (Tim’s chips specifically), regular, salt & vinegar, and jalapeño. The regular was kinda underwhelming. Definitely could’ve used some hot sauce (like tabasco), but we didn’t have any on hand. The salt and vinegar overpowered the oyster and the flavors didn’t mesh, surprisingly. Jalapeno, though. That was a hit. So good! I could definitely see that as an awesome girl dinner.

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