Cole’s Wild Atlantic Chub Mackerel in Olive Oil


Sustainable purse seine method is used to fish these out of the Northern Atlantic for Cole’s (Coles). Each fish is hand skinned and de-boned before being tinned in olive oil.

125g tin

Pictured as patties mixed with tuna, onion, panch phoron, dill seed, mayo, mustard, egg, and breadcrumbs.

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Ingredients: Chub Mackerel (Scomber colias), Olive Oil, Sea Salt


  1. Joshua Olmsted (verified owner)

    This was definitely a “taste surprise” can of mackerel! What do I mean by this? When I first opened the tin I was pretty underwhelmed, the fish comes pretty loosely packed, it was a little all-over-the-place appearance-wise, and the oil is very pale. However, when I took a bite, “wow!” it’s some seriously tasty fish! The flavor is pretty mild, but very satisfying, just the right medium amount of “fish-y” and salty, no off flavors whatsoever. Also almost no aroma upon opening either. I would say that it’s a tad on the firm side, but comes apart pretty easily on the bite. I thought on first glance that I was going to *need* to spruce this up with some hot sauce (and after I got about halfway through I did), but it actually tasted great as it stands. I had it on a plain toasted english muffin, but given that the olive oil is not too flavorful, I think having it on buttered toast might be nice (the smooth creamy flavor of butter might go well with this fish). I think this could make a really good beginner can of mackerel for the uninitiated, boneless, skinless, and pretty mild (along with a decent saltiness) I could see someone nervous about tinned fish loving this. Overall for the money, this is a good solid value, I might personally prefer something more exciting in the mackerel world at this price point, like Nuri spiced mackerel, but this is still a very solid can from Cole’s.

  2. matt.hogue13 (verified owner)

    Very impressed by this tin. The appearance upon opening left a lot to be desired, but the flavor was outstanding. The fish was dense, yet broke apart fairly easily. It seemed like all the flavor was in the fish itself as the olive oil was on the thin side. As a straight from the tin consumer, this tin had everything needed for a tasty afternoon protein kick! Highly recommended!

  3. Ben (verified owner)

    The March and August 2023 reviews are spot on. I was expecting a humble can of mackerel. First bite to the last was a lesson on simple things done very well. The fish is well handled, the salt level leaves it bright and savory, and the oil complements without distracting. A great “first” can for anyone who has only had tuna for sure, but also a great can to have in the rotation. I am genuinely surprised there are not dozens of reviews for this can.

  4. Hream McDan (verified owner)

    Very good tin, extremely moist, ton of flavor and seasoning compared to the mackerel competition. Honestly, I think this is my favorite plain mackerel I’ve tried (except maybe for the much more expensive Porthos tin) as it’s more interesting than the plain versions of Patagonia & King Oscar. Texturally, it’s in the middle between King Oscar and Patagonia but fortunately not as chewy as the latter – it has a pleasant bit of bounce upon chewing. I could have easily eaten this without adding anything and been quite happy, but I did test out Epinaler sauce (no improvement) and Tabasco (+0.25 improvement) on the second half of the tin.

    This mackerel flavor, at this price point!?!?! A no-brainer standout tin. Buy it.

  5. Ben Gradel (verified owner)

    Holy mackerel! Ok, now that that’s out of the way, this is an impressive tin. Loosely packed, big hunks of fish, still a nice girth that taking a couple bites per piece to eat, helps the experience. Firm but not dry or hard, and flavor wise just salty enough and very tasty. My favorite tin of mackerel by far where others I have had are less flavorful and as dry as tuna. The meat has a nice “bounce” to it as others have mentioned.

  6. dolson.drew (verified owner)

    I called on this tin to fill out a plate of leftover pasta carbonara for lunch at me office. It was fine, straight-down-the-middle mackerel fillets at a fair price.

    I’d hoped, based on earlier comments I’d read, that it wouldn’t offer a strong aroma for my beleaguered workmates, who’ve sometimes been hit with some pretty strong stuff. Alas, they were not spared–this particular tin, at least, was rather forceful.

    I did, partly for that reason, eventually doll them up with a vinegary hot sauce. It made for a relatively unusual addition to carbonara, but it gave the mackerel the punch up it needed. For just fifty cents more a tin, those Angelo Parodi’s with ginger and chili pepper are looking better and better.

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