Deep Dives: The Memory of Mustard


A very high percentage of people find their way to us by searching for a way to reconnect with the memory of an elder, most often sitting on their lap, while sardines in mustard were eaten.

It’s a rare thing these days, and we’re not really sure why. But if you or someone you know has a hankering for tinned fish + mustard, these are them. All of them. And none are true sardines.

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Don Gastronom (La Narval) Yellowfin Tuna with Honey and MustardLes Mouettes d’Arvor Rillettes de Maquereaux à la moutarde à l’ancienne (Mackerel Rillette with whole grain mustard)King Oscar Sardines (Sprats) in Dijon MustardRügen Fisch Herring Fillets in Mustard SauceLes Mouettes d’Arvor Mackerel in Mustard and Crème Fraiche.


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