La Brújula Sardines in Olive Oil 3/4 Pieces No. 34


Origin: Galicia, Spain

Features: Hand filleted by local women in Galicia, Spain, La Brújula conservas are regarded as some of the finest preserved seafoods in the world. Their sardines are considered the best in class.

Tasting Notes: La Brújula sardines are fished in the plankton rich water of the coast of Galicia between June and October, and are processed immediately. They are hand packed into tins filled with olive oil and have a firm texture and a mild flavor.

Pictured on grilled sourdough with butter lettuce, gorgonzola, and red onion.

Recipe from Tin Fish Gourmet

Tin Fish Gourmet


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Ingredients: Sardines, olive oil, and salt.


  1. Mike Turpie (verified owner)

    My second serious attempt at sardines. Enjoyed in the NYTimes Cooking recipe Sardine Toasts with Tomato and Sweet Onion. The recipe was delicious, but given the fishiness that I smelled opening the tin, I think I needed all the other stuff to tone down the sardine flavor. This is not to say that these would not be great for an established sardine lover – but to me, this was not worth the price and not a convincing introduction to sardines. I have enjoyed boquerones and other non-cured white anchovies, as well as smoked sprats. I’ll try the spiced Nuri sardines that everyone loves next.

  2. jacob.harris.122 (verified owner)

    Like I said in my Nuri review(s): Compared to the (Brunswick) sprats I’m used to, these are much more firm and have more of a large-fish flavor than just smoke, oil, and salt. It reminds me of that sprat flavor I’m used to plus a hint of canned tuna flavor, and a hint of fresh fish. The oil is delicious, mild and rich. The flesh is tender but the fish stayed together while being pulled from the can, in which they were nicely arranged. I’m not sure these would be worth it to me over something like the Nuri, but I’m glad I tried them.

  3. jslaton009 (verified owner)

    I have to agree with the above comments, although the fish are delicious I’m not sure if they justify the cost.

    Four very plump, incredibly fresh looks sardines were tightly packed in a nice oil. The skin was flawless and shiny. The smell was a little more fish pungent than I expected, not in a bad way.

    The fish were firm and had a nice bite to them. The most notable flavor was “fresh”, they just taste like incredibly fresh sardines in a very neutral oil. I think they would be best in a lightly sauced pasta dish to help carry the spices or in a nice fresh salad where they can star.

  4. TinnedFishStoner (verified owner)

    These were some very clean looking deens, the pieces were big and firm and they would be perfect being added onto something like a sandwich melt or pasta like the above reviewer mentioned. Kinda wish I added them onto something now that I think about it but I ate these on their own, the taste was expected of a normal Sardine.

  5. d. chu (verified owner)

    It’s very evident from the packaging and when opening the tin that this is an exceptional product.

    The sardines are very clean, with beautiful tints of gold band silver. Not a single scale, which is to be expected at this price point. There is a slight fishy aroma, but not in an overpowering or off-putting way. Definitely plump pieces of fish, but not chonky (nowhere near as big as Matiz or Bela) with a decent firmness and good constitution; not a single one broke or fell apart when picking out of the tin.

    Flavor-wise, I would rate these in the upper, upper tier of sardines. They are slightly salty, but in a way that accentuates the flavor of just the sardines themselves. The olive oil is the same–it does not distract, but rather adds to the sardines.

    It’s hard to put into words, but if someone were to ask for an exemplary tin of what sardines really taste like (no spiced sardines or accompanying sauces), I would point them to this one. The flavor, combined with the medium-to-firm texture makes this my ideal tin. I can’t promise that you will enjoy these sardines as much as I do, but I would urge you to try them for yourself and experience the excellence that La Brujula has to offer.

  6. Dani Elle (verified owner)

    These La Brújula dines proved to be a truly sophisticated and delicious culinary experience. The packaging and sardines exude a refined charm, delivering a taste that is quite luxurious. The display is flawless – every sardine is embraced by the luscious olive oil, and the four precisely arranged, shimmering-skinned pilchards are a visual delight.
    The taste of these pilchards truly stands out, like a perfect pairing of flavors. The sardines bring a delightful flavor, effortlessly complemented by the richness of the olive oil. They maintain a gentle bite, striking that perfect balance between firmness and tenderness.
    These sardines stand out from the rest. I highly recommend them.

  7. Stephanie Athena-Marie (verified owner)

    These are light, uplifting and the oil is great! Make sure you save the oil to pour over a salad or steak, soooooo good!!!

  8. dolson.drew (verified owner)

    It’s not you, La Brújula, it’s me. For true sardine-heads, these No. 34s may indeed be “mild,” but for me the aroma was, let’s say, forceful. There were four beautiful beefcakes in my tin, but they were festooned with a whole lot of scales, more than I’m used to at this point in my travels. I feel as though I’m a freshman, or at best a sophomore, wandering the campus of Seafood University, and these sardines are for advanced grad students, specialists with a lot more tins under their belts, literally and figuratively. Will I buy additional cans? Yes, I will, and I will set them aside in on my aging shelf to return to in a year or two.

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