Portomar Stuffed Baby Squid in American Sauce


We realize that not everyone would agree, but it is our feeling that all tinned seafood products that contain tomato and/or onion have a much improved mouthfeel if they are gently warmed. We love to take this product and place the closed tin in a pan of simmering water for a few minutes and then open the tin and eat contents on toasted slices of rustic bread. And some hot sauce, because while the box says “slightly spicy”, we find it to be “barely spicy”.

115g (4 oz) tin

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Ingredients: Squid, sunflower oil, onion, tomato, salt, rice flour and spices.


  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    You’ve had squid before… fried calamari, maybe sushi… but baby squid in a tin? Can that be good? Yes, yes it can. Yes, yes it is. This tin is the whole package: interesting, tasty, and satisfying. I found this squid to be delicious straight from the tin, and for a bit added texture a few crackers rounded things out but toasted sourdough may have been better. Speaking of texture, I found these to be nothing like any other form of squid that I’ve had – not chewy, not tough, not rubbery – just a good firm but yielding bite that I found to be quite nice.

  2. UncleOscar (verified owner)

    Delicious tin! The sauce was a little different from other tomato-based sauces I’ve tired in tins of fish; more forward on the spices (but not really spicy hot). Cumin? I found the texture to have the slight cephalopod chew, not at all unpleasant. I was also surprised by the fullness of the tin. Mine had five small ones, but I’m sure it varies. Pretty good for a small, round tin. A good buy for the price.

  3. Mike Turpie (verified owner)

    The American sauce here is really tasty, and there is plenty of it to make a nice pasta, rice, or gnocchi dish out of the tin. I chose gnocchi. The stuffed squid bodies are not quite as nice in appearance as other brands as they are gray and a little deflated rather than plump. This might be due to the color and acidity of the tomato sauce. The squid is a little on the chewy side. That said, this made a really nice dish gently warmed with the gnocchi. I had a good lunch. The faint heat was quite pleasant. Nice for a change from having squid in olive oil on crackers with espinaler.

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