Side by Sides: When Producers Offer Different Tiers, Real Conservera and Seleccion 1920 Sardines


They are produced by the same company. They are not identical. But depending on your experience level you may or may not be able to discern a difference. In our experience, the most obvious differences between the two lines involves sizing. With the top of the line products the sizing is very strict, not to the number of pieces in the tin, but to be consistent within the tin. The 1920s seem to trade labor cost for less precision. So, in the case of the 3/4 sardines, both will have 3/4 per tin. But in the top of the line product it will be either 3 very similarly sized fish, or it will be 4 very similarly sized fish. Whereas the 1920 might have, for example, 1 chonker, 2 biggies, and one that’s smaller.

Eyes closed you may not notice any difference. Open ten cans of each and place the contents on twenty plates, and you’ll see more variation in any 1920 product than you see in any Real non-1920 version.

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Real Conservera Sardines in Olive Oil 3/4


Real Conservera Selección 1920 Sardines in Olive Oil


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