Güeyu Mar Chargrilled Canned Conservas

The Güeyu Mar tinned seafood brand was born out of Abel Álvarez’s tiny, seasonal Playa de Vega restaurant Güeyumar. These are products of passion. Passion to change the perception of dining from tins. A passion for his valued staff, to be able to employ them year-round. Abel’s love for food, people, and excellence shows in every quality-filled can.

*Treasured fish and seafood are sought out and chargrilled.

*Aromas of birch, beech, oak, and eucalyptus plus oils of delightful textures are expertly joined, during grilling, with each conserva.

*After wood fire cooking, everything is uniquely conserved in 100% Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Canena, Spain.

*All cans contain a completely homemade gastronomic experience.

Enjoy these flavor-filled passions eager to satisfy your palate with every gently-heated (our recommendation) or direct-from-the-tin serving. From Asturia, the northern coast of Spain to Rainbow Tomatoes Garden, the culinary joy of Güeyu Mar awaits you.

If you’re wondering how it’s pronounced, here’s an explainer:

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