Combo Pack: Four “Sardines” That Will Change Your Mind About Tinned Fish


These four “sardines” will change your mind about tinned fish, in four different ways.

Minerva Boneless Skinless Sardines in Olive Oil, being boneless and skinless defeats the two most common complaints.

Conservas de Cambados Garfish (Agujas) in Olive Oil 4/6, where sardines are short and flat these are long and fat, almost like tubes, and their texture is more consistent throughout, simultaneously dense and soft.

Fangst Sprat no. 1 (Heather & Chamomile) Baltic Sea, these have unbelievably soft texture. They melt away.

La Brújula Sardines in Olive Oil 3/4 Pieces No. 34, these are HUGE, and pristine, gorgeous silver skin and are so expertly cooked they may be the best of the bunch because they’re what you hoped sardines would be like all the times they weren’t. You realize you weren’t wrong, the sardines you had were.


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